Search Engine Optimization

Do you know 60% sites are discovered through search engines and 20% through referral links, it is high time you should capitalize on the power of SEO and link building?

Through SEO, idea is to generate relevant traffic which can be converted into Leads. We can bring pre-qualified visitors to your website using highly cost-efficient ethical practices. Generating mindless traffic is a strict no-no at Orange Mantra. We have instead mastered the art of using intelligent, widely-accepted tactics that are meant to popularize your business in the online marketplace.

Search Engine Marketing

Generate quick sales and get long-time customers with effective affiliate marketing and PPC services at Orange Mantra. We use highly effective strategies to help you minimize the competition and generate incremental sales through our targeted advertising campaigns.

At Orange Mantra we understand your business, your online marketing objectives and based on that come out with most suitable affiliate marketing plans. We are a team of highly qualified experts and have experience of handling affiliate programmes for a number of domestic and international clients.


Conversion Rate Optimization

There can be no better option than Orange Mantra, if you are looking for a professional and experienced company for conversion rate optimization and to get more value form your online marketing campaigns. Our objective is not to provide you just increased number of visitors, but quality visitors who can easily be converted into leads. We help you improve your online results, increase sales, profits and ROI by planning a conversion optimization strategy most suitable to your business. We are a one stop solution for your CRO requirements for we offer a full-service optimization solution. It includes web analytics, design, copywriting, development and implementation.

Online Reputation Management

Reputation is one of the vital requirements for growth and prosperity of any business, no matter it is online business or at any other platform. Today consumers are smart enough and before purchasing any product they check for the reputation of that business with various review sites and reviews on that particular product and the service provider. At Orange Mantra we help you get that strong reputation which creates a long lasting first impression on your customers. We know that even a single negative review about your products or services can tarnish your image. We are always endeavoured to help our clients keep their online reputation neat and clean.


Social Media Marketing

Social media is digital platform for word of mouth publicity. This can be successful only when used tactfully and strategically. This is what we do at Orange Mantra. We enhance your reach and connectivity to your clients through our highly effective social media marketing campaigns.

As social media is a platform with millions of users and all of them have their unique taste. So, same plan can’ t be useful for every business. Orange Mantra understands clients’ businesses, their target audience, platforms most suitable to them and then decide plan of action

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