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Process leads the Way

With the fast paced IT advancements organization are finding it hard to keep up with rapid changes in the IT sector. In 10 or 15 yrs, organization may be outsourcing all work that is “support ” rather than revenue producing and all activities that to do not offer career opportunities into senior management. Rapidly changing market dynamics caused organization to spend more time focusing on their core business and global competitive pressure.

Organizations are realizing that they can’ t be all things to all people. As a result organizations are focusing more on their core competencies and relying on services providers to manage critical but non-core processes for them. Technology and Management experts are available to help organizations accomplish their business objectives.

Advantages of OrangeMantra

We give you customers; not just the website.

Proven outsourcing experience

Cost saving and better quality

Flexible global sourcing

Solid local interface and clear accountability

World class project management

Reduced outsourcing risk

Unsurpassed outsourcing performance

Consistent, quality outsourcing deliverables

10 good reasons to select us as your offshore partner, in no particular order.

1. Quality of people

At OrangeMantra, we follow a stringent screening process, benchmark ourselves against the high standards, and never drop our hiring standards. As most of our engineers carry a minimum of 2 years of experience before walking into our company, he/she can quickly gain access to our vast pool of internal knowledge on Microsoft technology. We follow a systematic process of enlisting with a vibe of comfort to any of the attending candidate. We start with a pre-employment tests on skills and pre-hire assignments. Further, the candidate will be interviewed by the tech lead and CEO.

2. Personal and Flexible Service

Our small size makes us flexible. Internal red tape doesn’ t bog us down because we haven’ t any. We’ re quick to come up with ideas and suggest solutions. Our CEO, CTO are always in the loop and are a phone call away. We believe our customers deserve a little more than just cost-savings when they come offshore.

3. PHP

If your project is based on Lynx or Microsoft technologies, we stake our claim to being at the fore-front of PHP in India. We’ ve been working with Microsoft technologies for over 10 years and have done over 200 projects using them. We think we’ re a better bet than competitors who focus on pleasing everyone by doing everything.

4. Tech for Tech

A little less than half of our customers are technology companies! Would you believe it? As a software company, we provide software services to other software companies who choose to work with us because of our strong technical base and our value proposition as an offshore provider. This allows tech companies to use our offshore base and puts them on the path to profitability.

5. Breadth of projects

Over the last 10 years, we’ ve done projects that span a breadth of disciplines. From IVR Solution for Airtel, Web Enabled ERP for KCIL, Wireless Technologies for Cellebrum, Corporate Portals of Powergrid, NTPC, Ministry of Power, Bio-World, Websites of HONDA, Haldiram’ s, we’ ve got a little bit more experience that our resume would suggest.

Have something special in mind? Ask us and we may surprise you with our experience.

6. Great Employees and Skills on PHP

Since we’ ve been doing PHP for years, we are the employer of choice for all engineers that want a career on PHP. That’ s why we have the best talent working for us, and therefore, working for you.

7. Value

Since we don’ t produce whitepapers that tell you what you already know, we don’ t overprice our services. We are not cheap, but we are not expensive either. If you are paying through your nose by offshoring to us, perhaps its now time for you to give us a call.

8. Our Location

Gurgaon India neighbouring New Delhi is the IT capital of India. Delhi is also the seat of the Government of India, AND it has the best airport and infrastructure facilities in the country. We’ re also a hop-step and jump away from Agra and Jaipur, the most popular tourist destinations in India. Even though it’ s a little warmer here, it doesn’ t take you 2 hours to travel a distance of 10 kilometers over potholed roads, like it does in Bangalore!

9. Repeat Business

Over half of our revenues every year are from repeat business. We believe that its our top quality, personal service and great value, that has customers staying with us over many years. At least 65% of our customers have been with us for over 7 years (which is saying a lot in this day and age).

10. Global

Today, we have customers in the USA, UK, Ireland, Middle East, India and Far East.