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It’s time to leverage the power of Alexa and google home!!

Alexa Skills & Google Actions Development

Bring personalized conversations to life with Alexa Skills & Google Actions

Why have your own Alexa Skills/Google Actions?

Voice Commands

Control your business with your own voice commands, which redefines the way employees get their work done. Add a voice interface to business applications such as ServiceNow, Salesforce, or any other custom apps and services.


Automate laborious, repetitive, or manually intensive processes, all with the smart voice-enabled personal assistants. Enhance productivity by easing tasks such as scheduling meetings, reporting issues, monitoring inventory, and more.

Sell Products

Sell your products using the in-skill purchasing feature of Alexa or Google Assistant. Make money by selling real-world products and services such as food, apparels, cab services, movie tickets, and more.

eCommerce Experiences

Create amazing voice-empowered eCommerce experiences that engage the customers and boost the conversion rates. Make eCommerce stores ready for the future with the power of voice functionality.


Get access to multiple voice-based solutions, both for business and home. Make your office smarter, employees more productive, and home a better place to live in. Life at home and at work could never have been this good!!

Skills Intents

Match any type of user intent that you can imagine with the action performed by the smart assistant. Make the device capable of understanding what the users want and fulfilling those actions as well.


Avail a winning advantage in the competitive marketplace. As voice powered personal assistants are the future, keep your business aligned with the latest trend to ensure that they stay ahead in the market.


Give accessible functionality of your offerings to the end users, that too with the amazing ease of voice. All they need to do is to speak up the name of your offering and they get the option to buy it there and then.

Are you ready to take your brand on Alexa and Google Home?

Are you ready to take your brand on Alexa and Google Home?

As smart assistants like Alexa and Google Home proliferate and workplaces today, becoming voice-enabled no longer remains a choice for businesses. It’s high time that you empower your business with Alexa Skills and Google Actions as they can serve as powerful customer touchpoints that deliver highly personalized experiences. So if you’re all set to leverage the power of Alexa and Google Home, we can help!!

How we can help you empower your business with Alexa Skills and Google Actions??

Enterprise Reporting & Dashboards

Traditional information delivery model rely greatly on dashboard-centric approach for communicating data and information. However, communication of business information should not be dependent on dashboards or siloed in a single system. Rather, it should be readily and conveniently available to those who need it. Conversational assistants are capable of socializing information to simplify reporting and make dashboards more intuitive. Get conversational representations of visual data from sales reports, BI dashboards, and other visual formats.

Enterprise Reporting & Dashboards

Conversational Analytics

We offer conversational analytics data for smart assistants using technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and sentiment analysis. The solution gives you valuable reports and insights that can be used to make your customers happier by simply adapting to their expectations.

  • Intent analysis
  • Conversational flows
  • Cross-channel comparison
  • Events and funnels
  • Most common words
  • Live transcripts

Cloud and On-prem Integration

The capabilities of smart assistants can be amplified manifold by harnessing the power of cloud. Our expertise extends to the integration of AWS and Azure Cloud with them to increase their relevance for your enterprise. Avail the power of cloud integration to expand your horizons. Smart assistants also integrate with Google’s G Suite and Office 365, while offering support for on-premises exchange for the business users to facilitate calendar scheduling and several other processes.

Cloud and On-prem Integration

Smart Office Automation

As these smart assistants proved their worth in multitasking, we help you integrate them with your corporate tools. We create your very own context-aware voice skills that serve business use cases. Our voice tech solutions simplify tasks at your workplace and enhance efficiency as well.

  • Find open meeting rooms
  • Manage calendars
  • Track to-do lists
  • Make calls
  • Order new supplies
  • Find information such as the latest sales data, or inventory levels.

Productivity Enhancement

Integrating innovative smart devices in your working space offers extensive enhancement in the productivity of the workforce. Office automation with Alexa or Google Home becomes a norm as the simplest and most complex tasks can be handled by these voice-enabled personal assistants.

  • Read priority emails
  • Book appointments
  • Schedule meetings
  • Give reminders
  • Turn on/off smart devices
  • Answer questions

We implement your ideas and translate them into reality!

Voice User Research

While developing for voice as an input, context has a crucial role to play. We conduct in-depth research on your customers to know them better.

Skill/Action Prototype

Once we understand your users and their expectations, we build a prototype of Alexa Skill/Google Action that would match them.

Develop and Launch

We develop and test the skill/action amidst your target audience and get them launched on Skills/Action Store once validated.

Optimize and Analyze

Our team helps to accelerate Alexa Skill/Google Action for rapid market adoption and gather customer intelligence for optimization.

Ready to win with an awesome Alexa Skill or Google Action?