Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality is one of the hottest topics in the market today, as it will completely change the way we interact with our surroundings. Everyone from students to working professionals to dedicated industry specialists will benefit from this technology. We at Orange Mantra have understood the needs of our clients and our dedicated team of developers works towards building customized intuitive and engaging applications for our clients to deliver applications better than their expectations and to maintain customer loyalty.


Interactive Walkthroughs

We can make use of the VR technology to develop interactive walkthroughs for the students where they get to relive great historical moments and interact with the environment. This way, we can make the entire learning process immersive and indulging. We will even be able to provide quality education to the students.

Field Trips

There are many issues surrounding field trips in schools – the students wander off, commuting to the destination, the cost of the trip etc. – and now, by implementing VR technology, we can provide the students with the ‘Field Trip Experience’ from the comfort of their school. This will save huge amounts of time and money and will be flexible as we could even choose to walk through an international destination using a VR module.


Tutorials can be made in VR to offer the students flexibility in the learning process. Unlike physical tutorials, the students will be able to play and pause the tutorial when they wish and could even rewind the tutorial in case they missed out on something.

Guest Lectures

It is difficult to have eminent personalities at the school campus due to their busy schedules and geographical limitations. Through VR, personalities from all over the globe can be invited for guest lectures, which they can easily deliver from the comfort of their homes. The schools can save huge amounts of resources by making use of the VR technology.

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Real Estate

We all are too busy to go and view properties located across the city when we wish to buy/rent an apartment. We can change the entire outlook of the real estate market by making a shift to the VR technology, where customers can take a virtual tour of the property they’re interested in rather than physically visiting that place. We can help save lots of time for both the broker and the customer and can maximize the efficiency of the sales process.



We can make use of the VR technology to provide in-depth training modules for professionals requiring regular and exhaustive practice such as pilots, doctors, automobile technicians etc. The training modules can be designed in a cost-effective manner to save the resources spent on physical training sessions.


Virtual Fitting rooms

We can completely change the online shopping process by making use of VR technology to create virtual fitting rooms, where the customers need only give their measurements once. The computer will then show the customer a final image of the customer wearing the selected apparel to check its style and fitting. We’ll be able to considerably reduce the number of product returns if we enable the customers to buy the right fit the first time.


Jewellery stores

We can virtually map entire jewellery stores and all their items to give the customers freedom to explore and examine the pieces of jewellery, which otherwise might not be presented at the most store outlets. The customers can wear the jewellery, expand or shrink it and can even play around with it.

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