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Asian Military Review

The Client :-

Asian Military Review is the largest circulated defence magazine in Asia Pacific region, and connects to military Public Affairs authorized news publications. Being a ABC audited publication, it has become widely recognised as an authoritative provider of unbiased information.

The Requirement :-

They needed a medium to reach their millions of people instantly so that the updates does not require more time to reach the concerned people. It would further save the loss of delay in making decisions.

The Challenges :-

The defence magazine carries authentic, unbiased and objective information to decision makers and military advisors. The publishers specified for global audience reach and wanted to rule out the conventional strategy of printouts, postage, reachability, and other recurring faults, reduce cost with a substantial solution.

Solution Offered :-

Bringing the magazine online and reach all the readers simultaneously through mobile apps was the solution recommended by us.

Beneficial Features :-

  • The military, government, industry and academia are receiving the information at a faster rate.
  • There is no lapse in time for exchange of the information.
  • Facilitate easy discussion, decision and/or further proceedings without delay.
  • Saved investment on time and money
  • Access to have hard copy of the digital magazine through print option.
  • Flexibility of the content layout.

The outcome :-

  • The AMR reaches more than 180,000 military professionals instantly via the apps.
  • It has helped them to track and comprehend the defence developments in a simple way just by logging in for the details of any period.
  • The defence and security issues are kept up to date.
Asian Military Review