Big Data

In today’s digital age, there are petabytes of data collected by organizations every minute. But collection isn’t the only aspect of Big Data. Storing the data in an ordered fashion, organizing it in a structured manner and then analyzing for insights which help us make better business decisions is also equally important.

We at Orange Mantra help clients across various industries in the collection, analysis and management of the colossal amounts of data they collect daily. We can take data from any given source and analyse it to provide answers that enable cost and time reductions, help in product development and understanding the trends in the market.


  • Making use of parallel processing techniques to simultaneously collect data from several sources at the same time.
  • Real time collection and storage of data for future analysis by eliminating the need for middlemen.
  • Organizing data in a meaningful manner to make the analysis and data extraction easy.


  • Market trends from the data collected to design marketing schemes to yield the best results.
  • Customer behavior and the needs of the customers.
  • Hidden patterns and co-relations between the data collected from different sources to study about the shift in the market.


  • We provide round the clock support and maintenance services to our clients
  • Ensuring data integrity and authenticity by making sure that the data received remains tamper proof and unedited.

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