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Shubh Diwali

Diwali celebration

It’s Just two days to go for Diwali celebration, the much awaited festival of India. Millions of people are set to celebrate the day. It is the festival which has fame worldwide and is celebrated across the continents. It is also known as the “festival of lights “.

Our Indian lineage observes the prayer for attaining the highest knowledge which says,
” Asato mā sadgamaya
Tamasomā jyotir gamaya
Mrityormāamritam gamaya ”
And, any festivals for that matter are the soft reminders of this ultimate truth with different contexts.

Keeping up the traditional culture, the corporate sector these days have reasons to gear up their office with a festive look and feel. It’s a great fun to celebrate Diwali in the office with peers moving around in ethnic wears, decorate the place with rangolis, light diyas, exchange of sweets, burst the firecrackers, and so forth.

The celebration inspires people around, creates motivation to identify one another apart from excellence inside the cubicles; a promotional activity with their clients by exchanging greetings, the collaboration of departments with a common theme, and, etc., brings enthusiasm and positive environment for work enhancement.

We are excited to be part of the celebration. Show off your lights and join the celebration.