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Keep A Check On Mobile Transactions Abandonment for Your Online Commerce

Keep A Check On Mobile Transactions Abandonment for Your Online Commerce

It is a fact today that the consumers around the world are dependent on their smartphones to make an online purchase. Accordingly, the online merchants have geared up to develop the e-commerce apps and several businesses we find today either have integrated the app for their online stores or they are entirely dependent on mobile apps only. Such is the penetration level of the mobile apps into the e-commerce industry. Whether the stores are developed based on Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify or any other leading e-commerce platform, the merchants are making an attempt to go mobile and are also witnessing success to an appreciable extent.

The mobile purchase systems include credit card payments, payment getting added to mobile bills, mobile wallet, mobile app carrying the credit card details, or the plug and play method.

However, if we go by the statistics in reality, though we do find an ever increasing number of people making a purchase through the mobile, most of the consumers have not finalized the purchased they started through mobile. Based on a survey carried out by the Global trade group Mobile Ecosystem Forum, it is learned that about 58% of the population abandon the transaction before checkout.

One general reason that could be attributed is for the customer behavior pattern. The shoppers tend to do window shopping while on the move, clicking on the seemingly appreciable products/items for future reference before making a purchase decision. Any other day, they may revisit the site, review the accumulated products and opt for selective purchase or may abandon the cart. And, if we consider the products purchased, it revolves around the physical products, paid mobile apps, food/drinks, or any other services.

Well, while drifting away from the customer behavior pattern, we shall consider the possible technical reasons for cart abandonment. Some people find the mobile payment process either too complicated, time-consuming or intrusive. The public feels that the mobile asks for sensitive information which they may not wish to share; there may be any technical issues, or the process may be too long to complete.

It is high time for the retailers and the marketers to focus on these issues and facilitate the mobile shoppers to finish their transactions. We, at Orange Mantra tackle with these sensitive issues, incorporate security related features, selective in asking the information related to the customers, and more in order to gain and sustain the customer loyalty.

You may get in touch with our mobile app developer experts for further details or queries. Our efforts focus on developing a successful e-commerce application for your business across various industry verticals including the apparels, home appliances, electronics, and so forth.

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