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Plan your Enterprise Solutions as per the Trending Technology

Plan your Enterprise Solutions as per the Trending Technology

The exploration and use of multiple applications and upgrade of technology are highly essential for today’s businesses. It is necessary to develop and integrate solutions while using the enterprise web based applications.

The Enterprise mobility solutions could be utilized for developing programs in resource plans, industrial businesses like retail, finance, healthcare, banking, social community, enterprises, and, so forth. The businesses could keep pace with the Internet, telecommunications, and, cloud computing, and efficiently manage themselves across regions and the local users with an efficient and informed decision making.

Having an Android, iOS or the Windows programming for the web-based ERP solutions makes the system more sophisticated and techno-savvy. Some of the objectives and goals that could be met with includes the following.

    • A user login facility, register new ID s, upload necessary and secure information while registering.
    • Home screen showing the list of business activities, wherein the business proprietor, employee or the customer would navigate.
    • Generate reports like account balance, fixed and liable asset knowledge, customer balance, and so forth.
    • Analyze and approve the pending documents, analyze the new proposal with lots of information in hand.
    • Support the different languages to help the regional customers to use the features available on the app.
    • The screens that showcase documents type, number and status; approved or disapproved documents; splash screen with logo image; inventory lists; audit reports; employee sales; POS register screen; customer relation management (CRM) screen; employee log sheet, and so forth.

Rightly, the mobile apps have become the best way to engage with the employees, consumers, and the individuals of other businesses. The use of mobile has gone far today from being a caller device to lightweight version to the mobile-first strategy.

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Moving further, the apps are expected to meet the usability and the engagement. The interaction is moving beyond the screen to virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) for certain industry like Real estates, Apparels, and, etc. And, custom mobile app development as per the business segment is specific and met with agility these days.

We, at Orange Mantra, are techno-savvy and enthusiastic to utilize the trending technologies for our clients and make them stay at the forefront against their competitors. If your business is in need of implementation of the latest technology, then we serve you as the right partners in doing so. For more queries or services, you may contact us.