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Tagging Artificial Intelligence to E-commerce for Enhanced Customer Experience

Tagging Artificial Intelligence to E-commerce for Enhanced Customer Experience

Shopping has raised higher from a simple barter system where the needed things got exchanged between the concerned persons to innovative buying at its heights over the centuries. At 2017 and beyond, the incursion of machine learning technology is all set to change the way of online shopping. As per Gartner, 85% of the customer interaction would be digital by 2020 and the techno behind the changing face of the e-commerce website development would be none other than the Artificial Intelligence.

The revolutionary change in shopping could be attributed to introduction of online shopping, followed by apps furthering the process where cognitive technologies like the robust content management platforms showcased and became more significant. As the consumer behavior plays the important role in market research, personalization forms the primary focus. The marketers are able to target their customers. In this regard, Artificial Intelligence-the disruptive technology would play the role for predictive analysis and personal assistance influence changing the way of online shopping all together.

AI is an umbrella term wherein the capabilities of machine learning, vision, language processing and the knowledge management are encompassed to tackle the everyday tasks and transform the customer experience. With the novel methodology to analyze the data, it would help the retailers to engage their customers from an higher end.

Let us investigate how AI could be explored for e-commerce websites in order to bring in customer experience fuelling sales.

  • The right customer needs the right message at the right time to drive conversion. The technology is able to analyze what the customer has done for his search or at purchase level which could be targeted to create an incredible user experience.
  • AI is able to detect the low fair for the products you are looking for in an e-commerce website like Apparels, Electronics, Beauty and fashion products, and so forth dependent on the search. In case, these fits into your schedule or scheme, the purchase could be made on behalf without human intervention. That is instead of creating alert, things are done. This could be substantially incorporated across all industry verticals.
  • The voice activated apps or the chatbots could be utilized for conversions. They are able to look into the profile, delivery status of a product, enhance the customer level of satisfaction, and enable fulfilment on real-time basis. Evidently, this enhances the user experience against the formulated type of questions and the answers.
  • AI system could be used for merchandising like correlation between the unstructured and structured data; identify and indicate the brands or the products to order; and show when the products has to be replenished or offered discount. Thus, it helps the marketers to increase their profit; help brands to change their marketing style; and etc.
  • AI could be used to send personalized offers for the customers. For instance, if the person likes the product ‘X’, he could be notified with X.0. At times, he may be introduced for the product ‘Y’ or the ‘Z’, promoting the upsell and cross-sell. If the person does not show interest, the personalized information could be restricted too.
  • AI could be employed to users having feature phones too by communicating through SMS. It could be used to provide hints for the customers on a broader perspective regarding their product search.
  • AI could be used in travel industry too by merchandising hotels, cruises, tours, and so forth and thus generate revenue by enhancing customer experience and satisfaction. Personalized informations help the customers to make quick decisions and with more confidence.

In a nutshell, AI could be used to create a customer experience that was never ever before. It is high time for the merchants today to upgrade their e-commerce store and achieve wonders that could have been done only through physical stores otherwise.

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