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The Real-World Mobile Moments

Mobile Moment

The use of smartphones has drastically increased to an extent that it is unbelievable for oneself that how life was managed earlier without mobile. The mobile moments are changing the journey of the consumer in a more determined way. Truly, mobile stands as the bridge between the digital and real-world engagement, paving the way for an increase in user-friendly Mobile application development.

Let’s explore certain mobile moments anybody would have faced, are facing and may face in real life.

1. Suppose you get stuck in a traffic jam, you would never conceive the idea of its clearance and your possible reach time to the destined place, earlier. But, today the scenario has changed. There are incredible social networking for traffic apps today, which uses the GPS, the warnings, advice of the other drivers on the road and create a unique value proposition.

2. Another instance we may acknowledge here is the use of what’s app service. Suppose you took a photo of your interesting place, earlier, one has to take the photo back home or office, upload it on laptop/personal computer and mail it to the concerned persons or the friends circle. But, now, what’s app has made the job easy that as soon as the photo is snapped, it could be shared instantly with a friend who is halfway around the world.

3. Smartphones provide answers for a number of travellers’ questions to decide while planning a trip. One may avail a ticket before it is sold out. Looking for a hotel on a phone is called a micro-moment, or an intent-rich moment where someone can act in accordance with the need.

At Google, these micro-moments are called as the ‘I-want-to-know moments’, ‘I-want-to-go moments’, ‘I-want-to-do moments’, or ‘I-want-to-buy moments’.

Similarly, we find these kinds of immediate solutions while shopping for consumer goods, making important business decisions, carry out business administrations, and, etc., making the statement ‘mobile stands as the bridge between the digital and real-world engagement’, more substantive.