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Features of Magento E-commerce Website Development Platform

Top 6 Features of Magento E-commerce Website Development Platform

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The competition is daunting in the eCommerce domain because of the lucrative opportunities it offers. This landscape already has millions of sellers and many more are more than interested in joining the bandwagon. Not only are the new players growing in numbers, but the established brick-and-mortar brands are exploring this selling format as well. The reason is simple, customers love the convenience of shopping in a few clicks rather than having to visit a brand store to buy products of their choice. But before you break into the eCommerce domain, you need to realize the importance of having an impressive online presence in the form of a website where you can showcase your wares.

Every eCommerce development company, therefore, needs to incorporate the basic features into the website they use to connect with and deliver successfully to the clients. Furthermore, it needs to be as appealing in appearance as well because online shoppers base their shopping decision on the look and feel of your store. Here, the most important aspect that determines the appearance and efficiency of an online shopping site is the choice of the development platform used to create it. There is an extensive array of development platforms for e-merchants to choose among and Magento is one that has received acclaim over the years. Let us know more about this platform and the features that make it stand apart.

Magento- All That You Need To Know

With choices like Shopify, Prestashop, and WooCommerce on the platter, there have to be some strong reasons for Magento figuring on the top. This powerful platform is open-source in nature which makes it an attractive option for sellers. The stats themselves speak a lot about its raging popularity. A majority of eCommerce websites are based on Magento CMS and are performing world-class when it comes to generating the revenue. Moreover, the latest version Magento 2 has elaborated the shopping and admin features making it more user-friendly. Listed below are some additional Magento features that an eCommerce website development company can benefit from:

Tailored for eCommerce

Magento CMS is specialized for any eCommerce website design company to custom-tailor online shopping sites as per its client’s specific requirements. Compared to other CMS, it has the entire features and specifications that are needed for creating the most alluring eCommerce stores. It comes with an extension library that helps the developers add the required features into the website. The platform is dynamic and user-friendly so that the potential buyers can browse and shop from the site with great ease. After all, the key to success for an online business lies in its ability to deliver seamless shopping experiences, which Magento can do really well.

Optimized for SEO

Magento comes with built-in SEO tools that help search engines crawl the website pages and automatically improve its ranking on the search result pages. These in-built features include support for SEO-friendly URLs, generation of Google Sitemaps, automatic sorting of popular searches, easy meta-tagging of products and information, and more. Additionally, the platform is capable of managing parameters such as indexing, page traffic, duplicate content, descriptions, and landing pages with great efficacy. Beyond SEO, Magento also offers some powerful promotional and advertising tools that are capable of propelling the sales to a significant extent.

Dependable security and scalability

Security is the biggest concern for eCommerce merchants as the personal and financial information of the customers is at stake. Furthermore, the implementation of regulatory compliances like GDPR has made it even more critical. Magento addresses this concern with its dependable security features and practices. Besides offering a number of security plugins that can be installed for extra protection, the platform also keeps coming up with security patch releases from time to time. In addition to security, Magento is also acclaimed for the scalability that it packs. With a scalable store, you can be sure about handling larger product catalogs and higher traffic volumes as your business grows in size.

Quick checkout option

Checkout has a significant impact on your eCommerce sales and a glitched or lengthy process can result in abandoned carts. The shorter the checkout process, the better are the chances of it reaching completion. Magento allows users purchase multiple products simultaneously and proceed to checkout quickly. Users do not have to buy each product individually and pay for them separately during checkout. Furthermore, it does nor require the business to put together different extensions for achieving a decent checkout process. In fact, the one-step checkout feature of Magento 2 makes the shopping experiences better than ever.

Cross-browser, multilingual, and multi-currency Support

The websites built on Magento CMS are powered with the cross-browser support and they can run across multiple devices. This makes that users can access them on the go and also avail seamless experiences, irrespective of the browser and device being used. This feature also improves the website ranking on the search engine result pages too. Also, the platform empowers the eCommerce websites with its inbuilt support for multiple languages and currency, making it suitable for the businesses targeting an international audience. These websites are capable of extensively supporting multiple payment modes as well.

Magento app development

With m-commerce fast becoming a business imperative, it is practically impossible to imagine growth and survival without a robust presence across the mobile channel. The Magento platform invariably integrates with mobile app giving the shoppers the best experience for shopping anytime from anywhere. Plus, it comes with some fully responsive themes that can be used for creating a web store that renders seamless shopping experiences across mobile devices. Also, there are some specialized extensions that can be installed to make the store mobile-friendly.


Beyond these features that are primarily concerned with better user experiences, the adoption of Magento makes life much easier for the store’s admin as well. It comes with extensive catalog management features that support large catalogs of physical, virtual and digital products. Further, it has powerful set of tools that render ease into management of orders, customers, inventory, shipping, payments, and more. All in all, the platform serves as an end-to-end solution for eCommerce businesses as it enables development of eCommerce stores that are high in aesthetic value, user-friendly, and easy to manage. As it has so much to offer, Magento deserves to be the most sought-after pick for almost every eCommerce web design company since its inception.

Now that you understand the value that Magento serves as an e-commerce development platform, you may probably be interested in choosing it for starting your business. Alternatively, you may want to migrate your existing online store to it. We, at OrangeMantra, are a leading Magento development company that offers a complete range of services for e-commerce businesses that want to leverage this platform to build an online presence. With a long-standing industry presence and an excellent track record of having served a global clientage, we emerge as a partner that you can rely on. Share your requirements with us and we will have a perfect Magento website for you.

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