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User-Centric iOS Application Development is the Need for your Online Business

User-Centric iOS Application Development is the Need for your Online Business

Mobile applications are no more an extended part of the e-commerce websites. Today, we find several companies which exist only on the mobile or follow the mobile first strategy. It is imperative for the mobile application developers to adopt the best and latest practices for the apps they develop to gain high market penetration value. User engagement is the priority and rule when developing apps for enterprises or the industry verticals.

Let us look into some of the ways to grow engagement on the iOS apps development. A few of the techniques and features to be included in the apps are Push and local notifications; Mobile app deep linking; localization and Internationalization; Sirikit; App Analytics; Spotlight Indexing, and, social media integration.

Push notifications: One of the best ways to boost engagement and increase user retention for your e-commerce website is to utilize push notifications. These notification types grant the app to reach users even when the app is not actively in use.

It includes a short text message, play a notification sound, badge number on the app’s icon; actions on the app without opening the app. For iOS 10 version, the inclusion of images, GIFs, audio, video, 3D touch, target based notifications, vendors in push notifications, and, etc., play a significant role in engaging the customers.

Deep linking: This practice directs the mobile users to specific pages of the app rather than the homepage. It helps to share the part of relevant application content with the URL as a web page would do. This kind of engagement which is equivalent to the web URL facilitates the user to browse in a convenient manner.

Localization: It is necessary to engage the users at the cultural level. An option to choose a language at the application settings makes it easy to localize the content. Internationalization, i.e., the ability to adapt to different languages, regions, and the cultures is necessary for localization.

Spotlight indexing: It is nothing but a subtle form of user engagement, wherein the search of the app without opening it alone can capture’s the user’ attention. The spotlight indexing helps the developers to index an application content in the spotlight search.

Sirikit: It gives the ability to converse with the users. As of today, Siri is able to engage with the app for messaging, payments, workouts, photo search, ride booking, VoIP calling, and, etc.

App Analytics: It is essential to know the users in order to engage the users. And, analytics is the way to know them. When you are aware of the user base, the number of downloads, users’ view, and related things, it helps you to tailor the app leading to a better user engagement.

Social Media Integration: Needless to say, social media is the marketing and the customer engagement tool as well. When it is done precisely, it is going to dominate the users’ time day after day and thus, bringing in more converts and an increased ROI.

At Orange Mantra, developing user-centric iOS applications is our forte. It is a rare challenge for us as we are ingrained in developing apps based on the user across industry verticals. You may get in touch with our expert iOS app developers for your next app development project.

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