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The Client :-

The Bulkhouse Trading India Pvt. Ltd., set up by Mr. Adarsh Chilukuri, Founder & Mr. Viresh Dev, Co Founder are Vizag based technocrats & entrepreneurs. Bulk House is a multi-brand market place which includes about twelve(12) major product categories and 300+ product lines that could be traded online.

The Requirement :-

The existing e-commerce website based on Magento platform was simple and cluttered too. The website being a directory of manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, dealers; a domestic and international marketplace with several vendors, it was in need of a complete revamp for an easy access and secure transact to allure more customers.

The Challenges :-

  • Revamp of the website incorporating advanced features
  • Selection of the best and suitable e-commerce themes
  • Design of unique PSD files and it’s conversion to Magento theme
  • Advanced functionality of the main menu
  • Quick view of the selected product with details
  • Making of an user-friendly website
  • An aesthetic and functional website
  • A website with simple and intuitive navigation

Solution Offered :-

We explored and implemented all the exclusive features of Magento to address their issues in a concrete way. We made a complete, unique PSD file as per their business value and converted it into the Magento theme post approval.

Beneficial Features :-

  • Buy and sell online over a single advanced platform
  • Easy facilitation of bulk buying and selling
  • Hassle-free trade across the globe
  • A simple and professional storefront
  • An aesthetic, functional and unique website
  • A complete marketplace for several vendors
  • Easy expansion of business horizon
  • Helpful for small scale manufacturer and/or wholesaler

The outcome :-

  • Simple, quick searchability & accessibility.
  • Sales was increased multifold times.
  • They received outstanding customers.
  • An increase in business focus.
  • Increase in the sales and market reachability.
  • Stand distinct from the competitors
Bulk House