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Building WordPress Website for Eurofish

Project Highlights

Our client, Eurofish, contributes to the development of fisheries and aquaculture in Europe. They publish marketing and industry related information in the Eurofish Magazine and its website, and on the organization’s website. They were looking to merge their existing Joomla websites and migrate them to WordPress. They partnered with OrangeMantra to build CMS focused platform with fast-paced loading and streamlined navigation for smooth operations. Initially, we migrated their website and made crucial customization with interface to target European audience.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

Being a popular contributor to development of fisheries and aquaculture in Europe, client was looking to merge and migrate their Joomla-based website to WordPress platform. OrangeMantra team of developers performed the whole migration work as well as suggested WordPress theme to align with client vision and eliminate sluggishness. The major challenge was to upload the images to new CMS and take website to different level having visual appeal.

Technology Solution

OrangeMantra’s developers designed and built a new, innovative and scalable WordPress website solution to meet client vision. We offered them WordPress migration solution comprising new theme, complete data backup, simple interface and mobile-responsive to boost their contribution to fisheries and aquaculture in Europe. The WordPress team developed the strategies that increase the Eurofish website visibility and overall performance.

Value Delivered

OrangeMantra migrated existing Joomla website to WordPress platform. A successful digital transformation was the initial result of the website migration process. The website user interface has improved and streamlined the navigation for fast performance. Overall, the website has become fast-paced, light-weight, SEO-friendly and mobile-responsive.

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