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Amplifying SKF’s Digital Business
Capabilities With a UX-Driven eMarketplace

About the Client 

SKF is a multinational seal and ball bearing manufacturing company. Operating through a B2B model, SKF primarily deals in automotive and industrial engineered solutions. The European manufacturing giant has had a pan-India physical presence since 1923, with offices and assembly plants across the country. Over the years, the client has earned a respectable image of a knowledge-driven engineering solutions company focused on achieving sustainable business excellence. They wanted to have a similar kind of impact with their online portal among clients (distributors). 

  • Developing a high-quality, low-cost B2B eCommerce solution.
  • Streamlining tracking and order management process.
  • Blending keen automation and relationship-building abilities to smoothen outbound deals while flawlessly incorporating backend.
  • Establishing a pan-India presence of SKF manufacturing with the help of an eCommerce platform.
  • Automating sales process, help with increasing efficiency, and take out excess from business measures.
  • Limiting manual labor of collecting crucial insights with the help of CRM integration.
  • Understanding the audience, the market, competition, and the internet penetration since the platform majorly focuses on B2B Sales.
  • Expanding our clients’ online presence after the revamped commerce after launching the platform.
  • Studying the offline macro-level business presence to transfer the same to the online platform successfully.
  • Coming up with an accurate analysis of business efficiency and the infrastructure.
  • Assessing existing inventory control and understanding its supply chain management Fulfilling unique requirements of online B2B purchasers.
How We Approached

The client wanted to focus on a solution-driven model. The vision was to get a module that helps manage warehousing, inventory management, and order placing proceedings. The front and backend needed robust structuring and continued support for managing the ever-growing order placement load. With most processes and services migrating online, SKF India wanted to enter the eCommerce market with a UX-focused approach.

SKF India wanted to make the platform simple in the layout but appealing in nature at the same time. This whole scenario kept our solutions architects busy thinking about the development solutions that could truly meet the client’s expectations. The initial rounds of discussions were made finalizing the layout, planning the information architect, working out on UI/UX, and resolving the queries we had as feedback.

How We Crafted The Solution

Orange Mantra’s excellence lies in turning visions into reality by giving the desired shift to the clients’ online business presence. Our seasoned professionals have the required expertise and desired zeal to outdo their own excellence. Since this project needed a dynamic virtual shift, we decided to lay down an exceptional tech foundation in the first place. It helped us establish a UX-focused, scalable, and secure network infrastructure.

For SKF India’s eCommerce, we used a custom technology stack including Larval framework with PHP language. The framework provides scalability, flexibility, and security, ensuring an enhanced customer experience. Besides, we integrated the system with multiple payment gateways. It enables users to pay through their preferred channels. The easy-to-add cart allows users to add products to the cart or make a purchase with the buy option, making the experience faster and smoother.

  • A successful virtual presence as a cost-effective solution.
  • Improved distributors’ engagement on the portal
  • Streamlined operations, inventory costing, transportation, and dealership customer satisfaction
  • Accelerated average product delivery time
The Result

With OrangeMantra’s transformational services, SKF extended its online presence beyond geographical boundaries. The company also established a 24×7 brand presence among distributors while helping them get their orders delivered on time.

  • Higher engagement as well as retention rate.
  • Two-fold traffic: Currently, nearly 1.5 million users from across the country visit the website every month.
  • Increased brand presence across the country.
  • Automated work processes and ordering dispense the need to reconfigure data manually, subsequently decreasing the chance of errors.
  • Increased sale: Gives the right data to your clients, hence facilitating the ordering cycle.
  • SKF’s peerless engineering solutions helped pan-India distributors to meet their clients’ demand with fine-quality engineered products successfully.