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A powerful application for a digital magazine

Application for a digital magazine

An application that facilitated seamless delivery of content in web- and mobile-compatible formats for a leading online magazine.


The key objective of the project was to create its web portal and a corresponding mobile application to enable the delivery of content via both the channels. The idea was to reach the maximum number of subscribers through accessibility and availability across the web and mobile.


The approach was to create an exceptional user interface along with a great user experience. This was done by creating a powerful WordPress-based e-magazine that supported content from multiple websites and offers a vast range of features to manage content. Additionally, a feature-rich mobile app was created to extend a seamless experience on the mobile platform too.


Since the application was meant to deliver content in the online form, the challenge was to manage it and at the same time, ensure seamless delivery of content in web- and mobile-compatible formats. The content came in big volumes and different formats, adding to the complexity of the project.


Both the website as well as the app attracted high traffic volumes with the extensive range of dynamic content they delivered. Above all, the enhanced user experience brought an extensive increase in the number of subscribers. The results were visible in diverse aspects.

  • 30%increase in back-office productivity
  • 40% increase in conversion
  • 30%increase in upsell and cross-sell