Approval Workflow Solution For A Real Estate Client

One of the OrangeMantra’s client in the real estate domain was looking to replace their legacy document approval workflow software with a new custom-built web application for the same purpose but with greater flexibility. The objective was to create a solution for automating, tracking and reporting the organization’s review and approval processes. It was meant to eliminate the lost paperwork by permanently storing the documents, electronic forms, and other data until they are deleted.


Historically, the approval workflow involved the manual steps of printing, signing, scanning and emailing the documents to the next approver on the list. It was associated with the following challenges:

  • The client was looking for the highest flexibility in the approval workflow, including re-routing of approvals, approval delegations, sequential & parallel approvals, etc.
  • Also required was that the audit trail is maintained for all the actions performed, while notifications & reminders are generated at all stages with the requester is kept fully apprised about each update.
  • The client also required a provision for a new approval request to be created based on the existing ones in a fast and easy way.


OM team conducted a story mapping workshop with the business teams of the client to map out the complete requirements in terms of the stories and develop a shared understanding. This was followed by further sessions with the product owner to further the refinement of the requirements. Based on the story map and client priorities, a contextual release road map was developed, for all the systems components, mobile and web applications.


OrangeMantra team undertook the task of creating an effective approval workflow solution that automated the entire process.

  • The solution had native Android and iOS applications for approvals by users, in addition to the User and Admin portal in the form of a web application.
  • The admin portal allows the admin to manage the users and approval workflows along with permission for users. The web portal allows the users with access permission to request for approval by submitting an approval request with the selected approval workflow. Additionally, the user is also able to view the approval status with the next approval pending details.
  • The requests pending for approval are listed on approver’s mobile and web application. The approver can review the request and approve/reject the request while giving reasons for rejection.
  • On submitting an approval request, an automatic email notification is generated and sent to the workflow approver who is next in line, requesting them to approve the request.
  • When the request is approved by all the approvers, the workflow is completed, and the requester receives a notification about it. In case of rejection also, the requester receives the rejection update along with the reason for rejection.


The client was able to have an approval workflow that was tailored to their requirements and it has led to accelerated approval and compliance to their internal methodology, thus speeding up processes and increasing efficiency within the organization. Reminders also helped to increase the accountability of the approvers with regard to the approval of the requests.

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  • Enabling smart merchandising decisions for orchestrating store layouts and planograms that simplify the path-to-purchase


  • 65% time saving for the approval workflow
  • 100% of Approval Requested processed through the system
  • Elimination of paperwork and complex spreadsheets
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