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Shopify-Based eCommerce Solution for a Renowned Jewelry Brand

The Story

Our client, Aulerth, is bridging the gap between two worlds by creating couture-inspired and consciously-made jewelry. Through their long-term designer partnerships, they display an evolving range of aesthetic traditions from both established and emerging designers. They partnered with OrangeMantra to create an immersive and engaging online jewelry platform while integrating the offerings of top-class designers. OrangeMantra built a Shopify-based eCommerce website to fetch products from a CRM to ensure transparency and flawless information flow.

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Client needed an eCommerce platform to highlight its wide range of jewelry products to engage prospects. They recognized that in today’s digital age, owning an eye-catching and fully functional ecommerce store is an absolute must to unlock their full business potential. Launching an official eCommerce website was the next step for the global brand. But selecting a feature-rich development platform was a challenge too.

The brand also wanted a platform having enhanced personalization options, high volume traffic management and customizable workflows. With this important requirement, client needed an experienced, enthusiastic and creative development team to build an eCommerce website meeting their creative vision.


OrangeMantra Shopify developers crafted a new, innovative and scalable eCommerce website for selling wide range of Jewelry products. We worked to create a design that reflects their brand and meets their needs. Using Shopify, we were able to build a site that is capable of housing thousands of exclusive jewelry products. The website not only consisted of a beautiful layout but also some intricate and complex technical features and systems integrations to boost the usability, ROI from the new Aulerth online store.


The results were more than worth the effort. Today, Aulerth are the proud owners of a stunning and inherently conversion-boosting ecommerce store. With their beautiful new Shopify store in place and set to drive more sales immediately, we look forward to seeing their brand continue to grow and thrive. Our solution enabled the client to penetrate the online Jewelry market while matching the reputation it has as an offline seller. In addition, better customer engagement with improved ROI were among key benefits.

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