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Building India’s First Tech-Powered, Affordable Diabetes Management Platform 

About the Client 

BeatMySugar is India’s unique diabetes management platform with a vision to bridge this gap by curating a comprehensive knowledge share matrix. The novel idea was stratified into a three-step process; first, end-customer engagement model through diabetes education, followed by doctor consultation, and eventually, a telemedicine service as a transactional solution to customers.

India holds second place behind China in terms of the number of people affected with diabetes mellitus. The prevalence of diabetes between the age of 20-79 years in India (IDF 2019 data) is 8.9 %. This corresponds to total diabetes cases in adults as 77,005,600, and it is expected to reach 100 million by 2030. These alarming data points owe much to the lack of a holistic information outreach infra and insufficient knowledge

  • Enabling BeatMySugar as the first in India to offer a comprehensive diabetes knowledge-sharing platform
  • Designing a defined customer outreach module with scalability at its core
  • Being a COVID consulting priority platform for patients
  • Creating a robust customer retention strategy
  • Introducing process automation, UX management, business data curation, and endpoint management automation,
  • Establishing BeatMySugar as a visually enriched interactive platform
  • Creating doctor consultation and telemedicine modules simultaneously
  • Integrating a dynamic dashboard that could manage appointments, payments, and product management through its e-commerce website.
  • Streamlining business processes, thus mitigating operational challenges during the designed roadmap of growth
  • Keeping ROI & ROX in tandem with the envisaged plan
  • Defining information and data-driven consumer journey roadmap, and
  • Building a fully integrated system without any manual intervention for an enriched operational efficiency, and
  • Aligning technology as per business goals and strategy
Our Approached

As per the client’s business vision, we needed to come up with a technology support framework that would match their technology demands while onboarding, engaging, and retaining customers.

Having served various business labels throughout their digital transformation journey for over a decade, Orange Mantra’s domain expertise and in-depth knowledge made the entire pitching process a smooth journey. From a system restructuring point of view, our process and methodology along with our data-driven and customer-centric approach for enabling business (to align to technology for future needs) played a crucial role.

How We Crafted the Solution

To begin with, we embarked upon a structured approach to identify:

  • Baseline business technology and architecture,
  • Target business technology and architecture,
  • TG profiling
  • Knowledge gap and demand
  • Business and technology readiness check for the change
  • Solution architecture & suitable features
  • Roadmap for implementation and, finally, deployment

We studied their desired business ambitions, did a market analysis to identify the need gap, studied consumer profile and consumption pattern, among other things.  After identifying the most suitable technology stack, we zeroed down on the gap, conducted business and technology readiness analysis for the expected changes. It led to the drafting of the solution architecture for deployment.

We added support to regularly update interactive content, engagement modules, and day-to-day business operations.


We designed a full-fledged content-driven eco-system to educate end customers, followed by a telemedicine e-commerce platform. It was a fully integrated functional platform that matched their marketing needs and was aligned with their operational demands through medicine supply system management.

The Result

OrangeMantra’s visionary leadership helped BMS transform its online presence and gain a considerable user base adding significantly to the business bottom-line. The diabetes management platform features three user-focused modules, including an educational portal, an e-commerce website, and the doctor consultant module. We also implemented substantial amounts of data into the platform.

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