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Seamless delivery of content in web- and mobile-compatible formats for a leading web magazine

The leading name in the information media domain, the client sought a web magazine to cater to IT professionals, solution providers, vendors, CEOs and CIOs of top Indian enterprises.

The Challenge

Since it was meant to deliver content in the online form, the challenge was to manage them and at the same time, ensure seamless delivery of content in web- and mobile-compatible formats. The client engaged us for creating its web portal and mobile application to enable the delivery of content via both the channels.

Our Approach

Our focus in this project was on creating an exceptional user interface along with a great user experience. We built a powerful WordPress-based e-magazine which supports content/articles from multiple websites and offers a vast range of features to manage content. The portal leverages all the best features of the world’s most amazing CMS platform to create an outstanding online content experience. Additionally, we created a feature-rich mobile application to extend a seamless experience on the mobile platform too.


  • Easy content creation and management
  • Custom views for different content types
  • Excellent loading speed for high performance
  • Enhanced user experience from start to end
  • Easy navigation on the web and mobile
  • Robust search functionalities
  • Modules available to support SEO
  • Stable, secure and maintainable web portal


We resolved the challenge successfully and within the expected time period by leveraging the diverse feature set of WordPress CMS to create an impressive public-facing web portal. At the same time, we also built a comprehensive user experience by delivering a user-friendly and feature-rich mobile app for the client. Both the website as well as the app attract high traffic volumes with the extensive range of dynamic content they deliver.