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Content Conversion

Industry : Manufacturing

Service Offerings : Content conversion, Web portal development

Project : E-Learning portal for the enterprise employees

The project involved the creation of a unified portal of HTML5-based eLearning courses which integrated the complete range of the client’s traditional learning resources and made them accessible with a convenient single sign-in from a website or a mobile device. The key challenge for the client was that the entire courseware content was available in the Flash format, which was not compatible with the iPad devices that had been delivered to the workforce. Primarily, we helped the client with the conversion of their legacy content assets into an HTML5 format to make it accessible from iPads.

Industry : Banking

Service Offerings : Content conversion, Application development

Project : Migration of print data to a mobile, cloud-based platform

A reputed name in the banking sector, the client required migration of massive amounts of print-format legacy content to a mobile, cloud-based platform for facilitating the delivery of personalized content to the clients. The reason is that mobile-compatible content offers rich interactivity, which is capable of enabling audience engagement and building brand loyalty. We helped the client by converting the print-format content into a mobile-compatible format and also built a cloud-based portal that enabled the clients to store, search and retrieve this content on any mobile device.

Industry : Telecommunications

Service Offerings : Content conversion, Application development

Project : Creation of mobile-friendly product training materials

A global telecom company needed to distribute product training materials (product manuals) to their customers on both, tablets as well as smart phones. They wanted the content display to be optimized for all possible screen sizes and resolutions, but were constrained by a limited budget. The approach of developing and supporting multiple websites that are compatible with multiple platforms brings significant development and maintenance burden as well increases the cost. We resolved the challenge by applying Responsive Web Design development concepts to deliver a single set of courseware, which was capable of reformatting the content automatically based on the screen size of the device in use.

Industry : Automotive

Service Offerings : Content conversion, eBook creation

Project : Creating eBooks to generate a new revenue stream

An automotive engine manufacturer provides manuals for maintenance and repair to their authorized dealers free of cost. While customers often avail dealer services for maintenance and repairs, some of them may be interested handling them on their own. We enabled the client to monetize the existing content (technical user manuals and training materials) by repackaging it into an interactive eBook. We used our content conversion expertise to include videos of specific procedures demonstrating step-by-step instructions in the eBook we created for them. They were able to sell the eBook and generate a new revenue stream for their business.