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A Software Ecosystem for Efficiently Managing Education Services in South Africa

Explore how an education and recruitment service provider transformed operations and increased revenue using a software-enabled infrastructure.

The Objective

The client, a leading provider of education, jobs, and scholarships, in South Africa, approached us for a comprehensive, software-based system. They wanted to use the software system to manage and coordinate with students, institutions, companies, and funding providers.

The Problem Faced by the Client

The main challenge for the client was to manage students, institutions, companies, and funding using traditional methods. The organization had to manage job applications, scholarship applications, events participation requests, student exchange program participation requests, etc.

It was exceedingly difficult to manage all these processes without a software infrastructure. The client was also facing a problem to generate analysis reports for students, institutions, companies, and funding providers. All these factors together created roadblocks for the client’s business expansion plans.

How We Approached the Problems 

A team of business analysts, software development consultants, and education industry experts worked together to precisely understand the client’s requirements. The team also analyzed the competitors in the same domain and created a workflow for the proposed system.

The team proposed a comprehensive plan and a framework for the software system. The client liked the extensive framework we proposed to cover every operational and service-related process of the organization.

The Solution We Provided 

After receiving the client’s feedback, we finalized the design and the architecture of the software system. The software system comprises multiple independent but interconnected solutions, including:

  • A mobile app for students and job seekers.
  • A web solution for institutes associated with the client’s business.
  • A web-based platform for companies delivering education-related services.
  • A web application for funding providers.
  • A web solution to manage all administrative and operational processes from one platform.
The Results 

The client was able to improve operations and reach the targeted audience. The education service provider reported significant improvement in customer satisfaction.

  • The operational efficiency of the education service provider rose significantly.
  • The client saw a sharp rise in customer satisfaction.
  • Students and job seekers alike liked the client’s transformation.
  • Business revenue grew by 35% following the deployment.
  • ROI was higher than what the client had estimated.