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Empowering Enterprises With Automation

Creating an enterprise lead management system for streamlining lead and client management

A powerful lead management solution for enabling sales team to manage the leads effectively and enhance client engagement for an enterprise client.


Automation of the complete process, right from the lead capture to their allocation to the sales representatives, tracking of the leads, scheduling appointments and meetings, maintaining meeting notes, engaging the clients, and finally the conversion of leads.


A comprehensive approach was adopted to cover the entire steps, beginning with lead generation to their closure. A mix of technologies including Swift for iOS, Android, Java, MySql, and integration with Salesforce CRM and SAP was applied to create a relevant application.


Since leads came from different sources in different formats, their integration was the key challenge. Further, the solution was meant to give the sales team access to the lead details from web and mobile. Security was another concern as the system was meant to handle confidential data.


The adoption of Enterprise LMS helped the client to increase revenues and profits substantially. The system improved the sales performance manifold with quicker action on the live leads resulting in better conversion rates. It also facilitated performance reviews of the sales team along with a marked improvement in the tracking of the sales funnel. The client experienced the following benefits.

  • 60%increase in lead volume
  • 80% rise on conversions
  • Marked improvement in sales team performance