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Enterprise Lead Management System

A reputed enterprise requisitioned a solution for enabling its sales team to manage the leads effectively and enhance client engagement. The main requirement was the automation of the complete process, right from the lead capture to their allocation to the sales representatives, tracking of the leads, scheduling appointments and meetings, maintaining meeting notes, engaging the clients, and finally the conversion of leads. Additionally, the solution required to address the need of creating a customized workflow for various sales teams. The LMS was also meant to evaluate sales performance and measure them in relation to individual and team targets.


The main challenges involved in creating a futuristic lead management automation solution for the clients were:

  • Integration of leads received from different sources in different formats and structures.
  • Access to the lead details for the sales team from web and mobile so that they can manage them anytime and from anywhere.
  • Enabling secure access to the network via VPN.
  • Creation of customized workflow for various sales teams on the basis of their specific requirements.
  • Secure data transmission so that the confidential information is accessible only to the authorized persons.

Our Approach

The LMS we developed for the client offered full control over the lead acquisition process. We adopted a comprehensive approach, covering the entire steps, beginning with lead generation, followed by its allocation to the sales staff, sorting of leads on the basis of likelihood of conversion, and nurturing the leads by scheduling meetings and calls. The other aspects of our approach to creating this solution were:

  • Facilitating a centralized messaging system between the business and the sales team.
  • Creating teams, establishing hierarchies, managing sales workflow, and measuring performance against targets.
  • Providing notification alerts for streamlining communication and lead management process.
  • Enabling real-time reporting and analytics for the evaluation of performance of the sales staff.
  • Integrating with all the standard and custom CRM functions for a smooth completion of the sales cycle.

Technologies Applied

We applied the following technologies for creating the Enterprise LMS solution:

  • Swift for iOS
  • Android
  • Java
  • MySql
  • Integration with Salesforce CRM and SAP

Key Features

  • Provides Android and iOS apps for tracking the leads and updating their status in real-time.
  • Fetches leads from various sources such as SAP, websites, and emails and assigns them automatically to the sales staff.
  • Gives the users an access to an interactive dashboard view of the key information related to the lead status.
  • Creates a customizable workflow for the entire sales process to enhance the efficiency of the sales team.
  • Provides role-based access to various users with a complete modular structure for the application.
  • Enables the lead management functions such as scheduling meetings, maintaining meeting notes, requirement analysis, and proposal framing.
  • Integrates with the key business tools such as Salesforce CRM and SAP to get better returns for the enterprise.
  • Generates real-time and historic reports of leads, which can be used for performance monitoring of the sales staff as well as calculating their incentives.
  • Shares the customer data with SAP to be used for informed decision-making for the business.


The adoption of Enterprise LMS helped the client to increase his revenues and profits substantially. The system improved the sales performance manifold with quicker action on the live leads resulting in better conversion rates. It also facilitated performance reviews of the sales team along with a marked improvement in the tracking of the sales funnel. The solution has improved their overall sales and marketing efforts too as it integrates seamlessly with the internet marketing strategies.