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Next-Gen Digital Platform Development for Hero MotoCorp

The Story

Our client, Hero MotoCorp Ltd., has remained a household name for the Indian consumers. Its enviable offline services meant the company needed to deliver similar experiences online in an increasingly digital era. Hero’s infrastructure was evolving with every new launch. And the company needed a reliable technology partner to manage its ever-growing business data. Hero wanted its vast data to get streamlined and use it effectively to renew its state-of-the-art infrastructure. The two-wheeler giant also wanted to renew its technology stack on several e-commerce channels. It was the right opportunity for OrangeMantra to offer its service as a technology partner.

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Our client took on the mission to build an online platform for their daily business operation. To set up a digital platform, our client’s goal was to build a centralized platform that would serve vast sales data and connect all departments. All they needed was a recognized expert in digital transformation to make their vision a reality. As part of the digitalization plan, the new unified platform aimed to eliminate all paper-based work and processes to online services. This would provide different departments ranging from sales, inventory, manufacturing, accounts a single source of information.


Our team was aiming to bring the necessary changes revolving around technology transformation, service automation, and bringing smart solutions to client. OrangeMantra’s solution architects held several brainstorming sessions with the client to understand their requirements. This helped us walk parallel to the project- specific requirements and bring the result as required. To make their new services appealing to the users we aided Hero with a navigation app that helps users connect their bikes with their smartphones through Bluetooth and help them manage bike speed, and calls while driving. We also designed and developed several other apps to manage Hero dealers and customers.

As part of our service, we kept innovating the solutions for Hero so that brand identity gets the maximum exposure. We are not only the technology partner but the complete solution architect to Hero. OrangeMantra as a technology partner also offers services to manage their employees’ performance.


OrangeMantra’s vision-centric business approaches helped Hero add more to brand identity. The ideation, development, and implementation of apps and several e-commerce portals resulted in sales escalation for Hero. With its innovative initiative of selling secondhand bike online through bidding process helped them in creating another innovative user-centric service, which further added to its vast pool of excellent offerings.

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