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HR Analytics For A Services Company

Using workforce analytics to empower the organization with better talent management

The client is a services company with offices spread across multiple locations. The workforce was a large one, which made talent acquisition and human resource management vital for the organization. At the same time, they were struggling with challenges such as high attrition rate, low employee engagement and lack of job satisfaction for the employees. This made the stakeholders realize that talent management was the critical area that they needed to focus on. They wanted a workforce analytics app that would empower the HR managers with the ability to manage talent more effectively.


The client wanted to adopt a new approach that would help them identify talent to succeed in an increasingly competitive job market while reducing employee turnover and absenteeism. Also, they wanted to restructure the existing talent management dashboard by empowering it with a holistic framework to tackle the following challenges.

  • High attrition and turnover meant that the business had to hire fresh talent from time to time and invest in their training as well
  • Lack of job satisfaction had a negative influence on the efficiency and productivity of the employees
  • A sizable HR department has to be maintained for recruiting new talent, which obviously translated into a major expense for the business
  • The projects of the former employees get delayed, making it difficult to meet timelines and resulting in the loss of reputation

OrangeMantra adopted a comprehensive three-phase approach to help the client tackle the challenges surrounding employee management, working actively with the client HR team.

  • The initial phase emphasized data exploration for translating a full range of employee data into actionable insights which the business could model against actual outcomes.
  • The second phase focused on selecting the HR Key Performance Indicators that mattered most and identifying the areas where analytics could add value.
  • The final phase involved the development & implementation of workforce analytics, which were further fine-tuned post-implementation

Orangemantra developed a Tableau based solution that leveraged its integrated business intelligence (BI) and dashboarding capabilities that helped in the analysis of the key HR data and generating meaningful insights.

  • The raw data was made available in Microsoft Excel and CSV file formats, as per the agreed template
  • Using the native functionality the data was extracted for further processing
  • The analysis was undertaken on a strictly anonymous, aggregated basis within the organisation to have a holistic view.

The use of custom developed Talent dashboards resulted in a paradigm shift allowing for a detailed analysis of the existing and prospective employees that helped the client enhance the operational effectiveness. The solution allowed regular benchmarking of the results against the previous year and the competitors to improve the overall productivity and performance of the workforce.

  • A significant drop in employee attrition and turnover rates
  • Increase in employees satisfaction
  • 35% savings in recruitment and training expenses