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Intranet Portal For A World-Leading Manufacturing Client

Creating a culture of mutual connectivity and collaboration within the organization with an intranet portal

OrangeMantra’s client, a large manufacturing company, was looking to have an intranet portal that connected the workforce across the entire levels. The portal was meant to be accessible to the employees of the organization, with the objective of allowing the dissemination of disparate information and news quickly and consistently across the entire regions, departments and lines of business. Further, it was aimed to serve as the first level of information go-to source for the organizational workforce as a whole.


The client wanted to create a connected workplace. For an organization that is used to siloed structures, limited communications between workers of different departments and frontline staff with information in disparate areas are a norm. The organization was also looking for essential tools to aid problem-solving and improve productivity, making it vital support for business. The key challenges that the client wanted to resolve were:

  • Lack of a consolidated system that promoted communication and employee engagement as well
  • Need for a unified platform to share knowledge and expertise and a place where employees go to find solutions
  • Absence of a touchpoint for introductions, onboarding, and training for employees
  • A system that aided the promotion of the company values and culture 
  • Challenge to keep the portal content updated and relevant all the time

Based on the mandated provided by the client, team OrangeMantra conducted a discovery workshop with the representatives of the various business units of the client. This was followed by group discussions with a random group of the employee to ascertain their expectations, get their suggestions, and identified the issues they faced on a daily basis and in the long run. These points were translated into business requirements that were finalized and prioritized by the project sponsor. A SharePoint-based custom intranet portal was ideated as the solution, with the aim to keep the development expenses minimal and maximize the usage of the out of the box functionalities offered by SharePoint. The focus was also on minimizing the coding requirements while developing the application that could be created by assembling, connecting, and configuring the main building blocks of functionality available in SharePoint.


OrangeMantra developed a fully-fledged bespoke Intranet portal with multiple subsites and pages. The following are the distinctive features of the portal:

  • A user-friendly web page, that was visually appealing and comprehensive was developed.
  • The key features of the portal were grouped at the top or sidebars, and a user could easily access everything required with one click.
  • The portal incorporated multiple sub-sites, catering to various departments, that were linked to the central hub for company announcements & news; news updates allowed staff members to be aware of the major corporate events.
  • In addition, the portal incorporated microblogs, polls, discussion forums, FAQ’s and latest policy documents.
  • The portal’s search module facilitated access to vital internal data and documents.
  • Before launching the portal, the team successfully implemented the business’ corporate branding style and all the elements associated with it on the whole Intranet.

The project has resulted in a simple to use, highly searchable intranet portal that is aligned with the corporate branding guidelines. This has led to the creation of a sense of community within the organization and communication across different departments & groups. The implementation of the new portal has significantly increased its usage by more than 15%, after the initial usage surge, on the portal launch.

  • Increase in team collaboration
  • 45% increase in employee satisfaction (eNPS)