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Our client is a leading education services provider in Delhi-NCR, India that wants to automate student attendance registration by using next-gen techniques. It needed an automated environment that can tack students through sensors. And let both parents & teachers know that the student is either present in the school or traveling toward home/school. Thus, the client approached OrangeMantra with the notion to make attendance registration and student tracking IoT-driven.

School Attendance
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Implementing an IoT ecosystem from scratch required great planning and understanding of sensor and internet connection protocols. Creating a solution that can take data from sensors & cameras, process it, and distribute it to specific users and the school administration was complex. Also, the solution required data analytics to generate weekly/monthly/hours reports, which was time taking & developer intensive. Also, real-time tracking, notifying parents about student locations, and security alerts required deep user behavior research.


With in-depth user behavior research and technology expertise, our team created an IoT-powered student attendance and registration system that tracks students in real time. The solution thoroughly automates all manual processes from registering to monitoring student attendance. It tracks the students from the movement they enter the school bus to back home. Also, the next-gen software solution collects data from IoT sensors in bus and school and share details with both parents & staff.


The solution was deployed successfully in school infrastructure and became Delhi’s-NCR’s first school automation solution. It enabled our client to keep track of every student from the moment they enter the school bus. While it also helped them boost trust among parents and improve student security notion. Also, it streamlined school administration, leaving teachers with more time & ease.

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