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Magento migration for a renowned e-commerce brand

Magento migration for a pan-India flower delivery brand

Empowering an existing e-commerce store of a leading online flower delivery brand through migration to Magento.


The objective was to leverage the advanced features of Magento to automate the back-end processes and enhance the service quality that the brand delivered to its customers. The client not only needed a good customer-facing interface but also required a powerful back-office system to handle the entire process with minimum human intervention.


With our extensive Magento expertise, we were able to handle the entire challenges and deliver a solution that addressed them. We created an excellent user interface amd user experience based on the buyer persona and market trends. We strengthened the store’s backend with Magento features to make it merchant-friendly.


The project encompassed multiple challenges, the primary one relating to migration of a running website without affecting the business. Further, there was a need to create a visually appealing interface, secure and simple checkout, and personalzied offers for the users. Further, there was a need for making the website capable of handling massive traffic volumes during peak seasons.


With a successful migration to Magento e-commerce platform, the website is now equipped to handle multi-channel inventory, orders, and sales in an automated manner. It has been able to fulfill its objectives of customer retention as well as new acquisitions. The better customer experiences have led:

  • 40%increase in conversion rate
  • 60%decrease in bounce rate
  • increase in sales volumes