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Magento migration for a renowned e-commerce brand

Magento e-commerce store for world-leading automotive brand

Developing the first Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) online store with Magento for the top two-wheeler manufacturer in the world.


The objective was to create an e-commerce store capable of facilitating the product discovery and product purchase journey. The client wanted to ensure fast and timely delivery of genuine automotive products (spare parts and accessories) to the customers right at their doorstep.


We created a buyer persona and crafted a Magento store with a wide range of features to match. These included a simplified product catalog, product categorization, order tracking, social sign up and log in, seamless navigation, and an easy checkout experience. Additionally, we ensured responsiveness and compatibility with the existing systems and applications.


The main challenge related to the fact that the products were multiple. Similarly, matching of parts with the buyer’s bike model and streamlining order managements were some more challenges. The backend integration of the website with the existing systems and applications that were already a part of the business was another concern.


The full-featured OEM e-commerce store we developed for the client revved up the business by giving the buyers a new platform to shop for bike essentials anytime and anywhere. Overall, it enabled the brand to make an entry in the online spare parts and accessories market while matching the reputation it has as an offline seller.

  • 60%increase in market reach across the country
  • 40%corresponding increase in bike sales
  • Better customer engagement with online orders and doorstep delivery
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