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O2R Dashboarding Solution for India’s Leading F&B Company

About the Client

Founded in 1929, our client is a multi-business corporation with a well-established Indian and international presence. The group is a diversified conglomerate supported by crucial business pillars, namely tobacco, mouth freshener, food and beverage, confectionery, and agriculture business, among others. The client was looking to improve its supply chain efficiency and connectivity with retailers and distributors. By reducing dependency on traditional distribution systems and procedures, the client also aimed to improve the transparency and profits of both retailers and distributors.


  • Update legacy systems and infrastructure for the supply chain management.
  • Build an Online-to-Retail software ecosystem.
  • Eliminate traditional business processes.
  • Regularly upgrade and maintain the O2R ecosystem.


  • How to prepare staff for increased adoption of the O2R solution.
  • How to ensure security for retailers & distributors.
  • How to streamline and optimize supply chains.
  • Find ways to ensure seamless connectivity across distributors, retailers, calling agents, & delivery partners.

How We Approached

The biggest roadblock faced by the company was the lack of modern digital infrastructure to seamlessly connect distributors, retailers, agents, and delivery partners. We were expected to build a robust Online-2-Retail solution to meet their needs and expectations. Over two decades, Orange Mantra has served dozens of conglomerate companies throughout their digital transformation journey. Our in-depth knowledge and industry expertise have helped us establish a long-term partnership with such clients. With an agile, tech-driven, and UX-focused approach, we built an efficient O2R solution for the F&B company.

The Solution We Built

We created an extensive O2R software ecosystem based on a CRM framework that aimed at connecting the company with its network of retailers, distributors, and stakeholders. The system comprises three main functional components, namely an Admin Panel, a Distributors’ Portal, and an Agents’ Portal. In addition to these, we also created mobile applications for retailers, agents, and delivery partners to connect with the CRM ecosystem via APIs.

Highlights of the Dashboard-Powered O2R Solution


Admin Panel

The Admin panel gives complete control over the entire CRM system to the company.
  • A centralized dashboard gives an overview of all activities through data and reports.
  • Functionalities for smooth onboarding distributors and agents.
  • Manage retailers, onboarding agents, and calling agents.
  • CMS platform to manage content across the system.

Distributors’ Portal

The Distributors’ Portal comes with a dashboard that provides an overview of the order summary, order history, average delivery time, etc.
  • Order management capabilities.
  • Inventory management based on product category, quantity, etc.
  • Customized product display for retailers.
  • Review orders and assign delivery agents.

Agents’ Portal

Calling Agents can use the Dashboard to manage calls with retailers.
  • The portal has capabilities to schedule/queue calls.
  • Agents can instantly place orders during calls with retailers.
  • Agents get insights like average call duration, order conversion, total orders’ value, etc.

Retail, Distribution, & Delivery Apps

Several custom-built mobile apps connect with the ecosystem via different APIs.
  • The O2R mobile app gives retailers direct access to the company’s supply chain.
  • We also built an app for onboarding retailers into the online environment.
  • Delivery partners use a separate navigation app to collect shipments and deliver orders.
  • The apps feature technologies like Geofencing for navigation, QR code for onboarding, CRM capabilities, etc.
We also updated the legacy systems and infrastructure of the company to help them adapt to the new business changes and trends. By eliminating traditional processes, the solution dramatically improved supply chain efficiency and profits. And that’s not all. We even provided extensive training and support to the workforce to ensure increased adoption of the new digital solution and improved efficiency.


We developed the O2R solution enriched with high-end features and integrated with cutting-edge technologies like IoT, SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud), Big Data, etc. that has helped the company streamline and automate business processes. It has helped them ensure transparency and substantial profits for both retailers and distributors. Using the O2R ecosystem, the company made its distribution system more customer-centric and disruption-proof.


The Result

  • Supply chain and customer relationship management became more efficient than ever.
  • The conglomerate company reported a substantial rise in orders from retailers across India.
  • Errors and delays in supply chain management and delivery decreased dramatically.
  • The client’s relationship with retailers and distributors improved.
  • The supply chain became more transparent, dynamic, and technology driven.

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