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Reshaping Digital Commerce & Post-Sales Service

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Our client is a global leader in the electronic industry. They manufacture diverse electronic technologies and solutions for customers in consumer electronics. Though they had a marketplace website for sellers, it lacked the desired user experience. The company wanted to revamp the platform for delivering efficient performance and superior UX. To meet their objective, they approached OrangeMantra for a more tech-savvy and user-focused marketplace solution that could ensure consistent product presentation and support sales and marketing. Our early goal was to create a more personalized marketplace experience while harmonizing its data internally.

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The client already had a marketplace website for sellers. But they needed to revamp the whole operation for optimized performance. OrangeMantra’s tech team analyzed the client’s existing code and modules to understand the requirements with precision. Next, we identified the challenges. We needed to enhance the website features to optimize performance and revamp the look and feel, among other things.


OrangeMantra’s digital commerce consultants performed a deep analysis of the current marketplace code to identify the underlying performance and engagement issues. Panasonic’s marketplace website makeover resulted in an intuitive customer experience, better sales, and higher ROI. An array of feature enhancements helped to upgrade the brand’s digital presence and improve experiences. Capability optimization helped the company to overcome the peak- time performance issue. We re-programmed the code to eliminate server downtime issues alongside improvements in the code and module. A thorough code review resulted in add-ons to improve conversion levels.


OrangeMantra successfully redesigned and revamped Panasonic’s existing digital marketplace for commerce and post-sales services. The digital platform is now highly optimized for hassle-free buying experiences. It can efficiently handle multi-channel inventory, orders, and sales in an automated manner. The redesigned and revamped website led to a surge in online orders, increased conversion rates, and a seamless return/refund process. Additionally, reporting became more comprehensive, and features like PWA-enabled and push notification made communication easier.

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