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Website for selling feminine hygiene and intimate care products online

The client approached us for creating an e-commerce store to sell feminine hygiene and intimate care products so that they can shop for these products discreetly online. In addition to feminine products, it also offers natural mosquito products and alcohol-free hand sanitizer in its product line.

The Challenge

Even though the product range was limited, the client wanted the website to have an informative value besides offering products for sale. The objective was to build a platform that gave the brand an appealing online presence in addition to extending its reach to a larger set of target audience.

Our Approach

Our approach was to build an e-commerce store that would deliver a smooth checkout experience to the online shopper, complete with all the e-commerce functionalities that were needed for this purpose. We chose Magento, the all-purpose e-commerce development platform, for the project to fulfill the entire requirements of the client.


  • Supports a product catalog with multiple products that are segregated into product categories
  • An attractive custom Magento theme that provides the e-store an aesthetic value
  • Enhanced navigation with search and filter functionality to help users easily look for and find specific products
  • Smooth, quick and streamlined checkout process to give a consistent user experience
  • Availability of chat functionality to provide a satisfactory customer support to the users
  • Integration of a WordPress blog with the Magento store to make it an informative resource for the users
  • Integration of product-related videos to make the website more engaging for the visitors
  • E-commerce functionalities such as secure payment gateway, order export and import, and discount coupon


The right choice of Magento as the development platform for this website helped us to fulfill the requirements and expectations of the client. Also, we were able to render a store that doubled up as an e-commerce store as well as an informative resource by integrating it with a blog and also showcasing product videos on it. We also worked on the factors like the site’s performance to give it a good SEO positioning and enhance the user experience that it delivers.