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PIM Integration to eCommerce Creates Consistent Product Experience Across Shopping Channels of a Cosmetics Company

Explore how we upgraded product information management and sharing capabilities on a Shopify eCommerce store.

The Objective

The client, a manufacturer of beauty care products, wanted to improve their eCommerce process and efficiently manage product data. The online commerce offerings of the company cover all its product types and categories.

The Challenge Faced by the Client

Due to the diversity of product categories, the company was facing challenges in properly managing the product information across channels. Online sales of the company reported substantial growth during the pandemic. The eCommerce operations team was unable to handle the massive growth. The shopping experience for customers faced strain mainly due to inconsistency in the product information. The company was using Shopify eCommerce solutions. And the current platform lacked support for managing product information at a larger scale.

How We Approached the Problems 

A team of business analysts, eCommerce consultants, and technology experts elaborately discussed the challenges with the client. They thoroughly analyzed the client’s business model to create an effective solution. Considering the client’s business problems and diverse needs, the team suggested PIM integration for the Shopify eCommerce solution. They explained to the client’s team how the PIM will help the company to manage product information and categories across channels. The client’s team liked the idea and asked us to initiate the project.

The Solution We Provided 

Product Information Management (PIM) integration to eCommerce changes the way businesses handle online operations. The PIM creates a single place to collect, manage, and publish product information. Online retailers can also develop product catalogs and distribute them to various online commerce channels. Our PIM integration solution enabled the company to accurately collect all their product data. The eCommerce team of the cosmetics company was able to share that information easily and quickly across various channels and retailing partners.

The PIM integration solution was customized for Shopify. It simplified the export and import of data and product catalogs. The integration handled the management of information related to product variation, image exporting, and synchronization of multiple stores, among others.

The Shopify eCommerce solution used by the company didn’t have ready-to-use capabilities to managed product information and categories at a larger scale.

The Results 

The integration helped the beauty care products maker to improve eCommerce processes and better manage their product data. The results were visible immediately after the integration process was complete.

  • The company was able to easily gather all their product data and quickly share across channels.
  • Customers’ shopping experience improved dramatically on all shopping platforms.
  • The consistency and seamlessness of product information drove customer engagement.
  • The company reported a 25% surge one month after PIM integration.
  • The company was also able to share product information with retail partners on a daily basis.