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Recruiting Management & Application Tracking System For A Real Estate Client

Recruiting Management & Application Tracking System

Driving digitization of the recruitment function for an enterprise-level organization with a large workforce

A company in the real estate domain needed to replace their existing manual process and legacy system with a web application solution to manage the entire recruitment process, right from position opening to onboarding for the organization. It helps HR managers in shortlisting the right candidate with apt skills while reducing their workload and minimizing the possibility of errors. With the recruiting management and application tracking system in place, there are no more endless resumes, while the process flows and advertising has been simplified as well.


The current system was manual and problem-ridden, which lead to a myriad of challenges in the project. These included:

  • The manual or email-based position approval process did not facilitate tracking of the open positions and was neither linked to the recruitment system
  • There was a need for a faster way to parse resumes and make them searchable within the databases of email, calendars, and recruiting tools
  • The system also lacked in terms of not being able to track the performance of the partner agencies in the complete recruitment cycle
  • The company was experiencing rapid growth and needed a solution that would scale without requiring additional resources
  • The ad hoc process to update the status of the candidates and positions was tedious and time-consuming
Our Approach

Our business analysts started the project with discovery sessions and deep dive with business user document related to the existing recruitment process for the organization. Further, they went on to collate improvement ideas from the client recruitment teams because these were the people who faced the challenges first-hand. This was followed by architecting and developing the complete solution for the digitization of the entire recruitment process. As part of the implementation and roll-out of the solution, OrangeMantra’s business analysts conducted various training and were available at client offices to answer queries and resolve issues faced by the business users.


The solution that we created had the following features:

  • A custom web application solution that combined all the functionalities required for automating operations including integrated email, position request, and approval, applicant tracking against the approved position, calendaring, task management, job management
  • A cloud solution that could be scaled effortlessly with rapid growth and is accessible from any time and any place. This enables the users to stay ahead with alerts, tasks, and notifications
  • Once entered into the system, resumes remain in the system as possible candidates for future positions along with their interview feedback
  • The system is capable of mitigating bias with data-driven hiring decisions on final candidates
  • Greenhouse Recruiting ensures you always know the right steps to take for hiring the best possible candidate
  • It dives into a pipeline view of any role paired with a holistic view of the recruitment activity

As the new system offers fast access to all critical information, the client closed more positions by tracking all the candidate, with the same level of recruitment staffing. With integrated email, every email to and from candidates is attached to their files and is accessible to anyone in the company. Additionally, anyone with the right permissions automatically gained 360º visibility into all relevant information. Overall, the system serves a huge potential for the organization as it is intuitive and its value is clear. The new positions get up to closed earlier and are productive almost immediately.

  • 25% increase in the number of positions closed quarterly
  • Creation of a customized recruitment workflow
  • Significant decrease in workload of the HR department