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Website, Reservation & Property Management System for A Boutique Hotel

An all-in-one solution for simplifying hotel management

A Boutique hotel website, reservation and property management system to deliver better customer experience, drive revenues and optimize cost.


The key challenge was to develop a fully responsive website along with an online reservation and property management system that fulfilled the end-to-end requirements and aligned seamlessly with the legacy system of the business. The project requirements included:

  • An SEO-friendly and dynamic website with an attractive design
  • A centralized platform that should manage all the information related to hotel, channels and guests
  • Ability to manage all types of reservations including individual, group, travel agents, multi-rate and wait-listed
  • Facility to choose dynamic packages for holiday season
  • Property Management, with guest check-in & check-out, invoicing, etc.
  • Integration of payment gateways
  • Managing and maintaining updates in different functionalities like price, rating, availability, etc.
  • Implementation of the search feature on the basis of dates, room types, etc.
  • Complete Administration of the reservation, property, guest, etc.
Our Approach

After having a close look at the existing website and the current reservation and management of the hotel, we came up with the scope for improvement that simplifies the entire process and increases the revenue potential of the business. OrangeMantra team looked to develop a system for reinventing their guest booking methods and complementing the property management system capabilities with a fully-responsive and feature-rich website that served as a user-friendly reservation platform as well.


OrangeMantra provided a cloud-hosted web-based solution with the following features:

  • A dynamic and fully responsive website, with CMS for the super admins to update the contents, images, awards, etc.
  • Admin portal for Hotel staff to manage hotel, guest and room information
  • Integration of Google Map to indicate travel distance and hotel information for the users
  • Dynamic hotel rates, based on season, dates, etc for booking along with a facility to provide discounts and do offline bookings.
  • Flexible rate management configuration of rates per room type, policies, restrictions, extras
  • Management of inventory and rates through a calendar view and providing an overview of hotel distribution
  • Travel Agent registration, administration and online booking with online/offline (including credit) facility
  • Property Management allowing the front desk staff to manage guest check-in/check-out, enter and collate service charges, create an invoice, update room availability, etc.
  • Reports for Admins and Senior management staff

Orangemantra successfully replaced in client’s existing website by providing it with a new look and feel that helped increase the business, especially through new guests. The client derived myriad benefits that include an increase in direct sales, simplification of channel management, a boost in the flow of tourist registered arrivals and revenue, higher customer retention by superior service quality and better customer services along with significant cost saving. The solution also benefited the client to have a viable centralized platform to better manage the property, travel agency information, and customer information.

  • 15% increase in quarterly revenues
  • 5% savings in property management costs
  • A significant boost in customer satisfaction