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Churchblaze App

The Client :-

The Churchblaze community with members from about a dozen of churches located within 50 miles of radius in Bunyala / Uhuru Highway Round About, Nairobi, Kenya wanted a decent social platform to interact and converse with one voice with its fellowmen and believers from all over the world.

The Requirement :-

The Churchblaze group wanted to permit a huge number of chapel around the world to interconnect and give expression to their common faith. Further, they proposed to create online blazebays, to receive payments for materials purchased from these stores. And, facilitate the churches to create their own pages have the ability to receive payments in form of tithes, offerings and other donations from any person or sector.

Mention not to say, the client already has a good rapport in their online domain. Further, they were suggested for a mobile app. And these days, as people are more dependent on smartphones, it is a necessity to have an app to gain and maintain the position in the market.

The Challenges :-

The Churchblaze, was a well-recognised community in their locality with a good number of followers and a crystal clear requirements. However, with an appreciable regional presence they were unable to reach globally to other churches for they lacked online presence. The situation was like “ People’s leader unable to reach out his followers to a bigger platform.

Our Solutions :-

Our technical experts, was able to make a thorough market analysis, suggested, and offered the website and a social network apps, just like the FaceBook, but at the community level for the community and their followers.

Benefits :-

  • It brings and links the churches together.
  • Ordained church ministers activate and manage churchpay and thus support church projects.
  • Church managers can manage and administer online.
  • It has direct link to Blazebay, the virtual marketplace.
  • It has chat facility to communicate between the friends, groups, chat room facility, gaming, word censoring security feature, and, etc.
  • Further, it has forums, blogs, online bible, personal walls to post photos, videos, add links, provision to discuss social issues, personalised security, and, etc.

The outcome :-

  • Today, the Churchblaze stands tall in Christian Social Media community.
  • The website has over 50k people interconnected globally sharing their faith.
  • The mobile application covers over 35k users registering online and still counting.
  • More than 1000 churches are connected with Churchblaze making it a global leader in the social church community.
  • The client response was so positive that a Phase 2 development of iOS and window App have been demanded for. They are back to Orange Mantra again!