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As an official Freshworks Solutions Partner, OrangeMantra offers Freshworks products which make it easy for your teams to collaborate and help deliver with the best possible customer experiences. With a versatile product range including Freshdesk (customer support, helpdesk), Freshsales (CRM software), Freshchat (customer messaging software), Freshservice (ITSM tool), Freshcaller (callcenter software), Freshteam (applicant tracking), and Freshmarketer (conversion optimization suite), there are ample opportunities that you can explore for your business. Join hands with us and get empowered with this platform, right now!

Freshworks Products You Can Leverage

  • support Freshdesk
  • sale Freshsales
  • chat Freshchat
  • services Freshservice
  • call Freshcaller
  • team Freshteam
  • market Freshmarketer

Freshdesk – The ultimate helpdesk solution

Being an authorized Freshworks partner, we offer products that are easy-to-use, ready-to-go, and add value to any kind of business. With the implementation of a helpdesk solution, it becomes easy to organize and streamline your customer communication and ensure that you respond to customer queries quickly and effectively.

The right helpdesk solution such as Freshdesk empowers the customer support agents with context even before they respond to customer queries. Further, it enables the support team to provide exceptional customer experience. Beyond that, helpdesk features can benchmark the support team’s performance we well. Leverage our helpdesk consulting solutions to improve customer communication and relationships, thereby connecting with them more successfully.

Why you need helpdesk consulting?


Unify all support channels at one place

Unifying support responses, efficiency, and consistency, and efficiency is a challenge considering that phone and email are now coupled with newer ones such as social media. Customer satisfaction is also affected as they are shuffled between channels to look for the right answer. Having a helpdesk in place enables you to transfer customer queries between channel seamlessly, without the loss of information or context.


Understand your customers better

Understanding customer needs and wants becomes easier with a helpdesk solution as it enables you to leverage features such as tagging and analytics. Businesses can get insights that could be used for realigning and improving their product offerings, tweaking process or adding to documentation to improve the ticket deflection rates, and enhancing customer happiness ratings for long-term customer satisfaction.


Gain insight into performance of support agents

When personal inboxes are used to respond to customer queries, the visibility into support agent performance is limited. The business has no way to know the number of queries being resolved in a day or even if the agents are doing it accurately. This data is critical to gauge agent performance and set benchmarks for future staffing needs. A helpdesk system has built-in features such as robust analytics and customizable reports which ensure more visibility.


Create context around customer journey

As there are diverse support channels available for the customers, they may reach out to different channels and even receive conflicting answers to their queries. By utilizing a helpdesk solution, they can ensure that all the information is available in one place and the agents have context into the previous queries or proposed solutions so that they can provide complete, correct, and up-to-date information to the customers.


Automate tasks to scale and empower your team

With a reliable helpdesk system, a business can automate its everyday tasks. For example, automated agent notifications could be set up if a query is pending for more than a specific period of time. One can also create manual workflows with Also, helpdesk automation can be used to create manual workflows for ticket assignment on the basis of agent roles and tagging the agents accordingly.


Provide a knowledge base for your customers

You can provide a knowledge base for the customers on your helpdesk app as a source of accurate and exhaustive documentation they may need. They may prefer finding their own solution rather than reach out to customer support, which is possible only with a knowledge base that gives adequate documentation. Businesses can leverage analytics for this knowledge base to understand what customers are searching for and which is the most viewed documentation.

Freshsales- The winning CRM solution

We are implementation partners for Freshsales, a powerful customer engagement platform that provides a winning business software. The platform is loved by teams as it helps them to delight their customers, right from the first interaction to the closure of sale. By implementing a CRM solution, it becomes possible to improve and manage customer relations as well as optimize the efficiency of sales.

With the right CRM solution such as Freshsales in place, your team will be able to establish strong and meaningful relationships with customers. Beyond that, it can help businesses to connect and consolidate relationships with prospects as well. By investing in customer relationships, it becomes possible for businesses of all sizes to enhance profitability, improve customer retention, and automate tasks and communication.


Why you need CRM consulting?


Establishes meaningful connections with customers

By utilizing a CRM, it becomes possible capture the complete customer lifecycle. It enables businesses to identify the target audience, assess the sales pipeline, send emails, log calls, and track leads effectively.


Enhance communication

As CRM is a single source of genuine facts and information for sales managers and teams alike, it streamlines communication. This eliminates the information gaps and enhances visibility across the entire organization.


Minimize data entry

A CRM solution comes with myriad features that minimize and automate the mundane tasks such as creating leads from the sign-up forms, dripping campaigns for new leads, and triggering welcome emails for new customers. 


Achieve higher revenues

As CRM enables sales teams to get a top-line view of the customers at all times, they can tap into up-selling and cross-selling opportunities at the right time. This improves their chances of success manifold.


Build healthier pipelines

It makes the business becomes capable of visualizing the pipeline, thereby making it simpler for the sales teams to prioritize the deals. This leads to an increased focus and ensures that the pipelines remain clog-free.


Strengthen business with collaboration

The information and details gathered by a CRM can be leveraged by the marketing and support teams. While the marketing team use it for targeted campaigns, the support team can respond to tickets more effectively.

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Easy Implementation

Bid good-bye to long and complicated implementation process as we make sure that Freshworks is incredibly easy to set up and use.


Since we are authorized Freshworks partners, you can trust us for implement the platform for you and empower your business.

Cost Effective

With our competitive prices, you can choose to leverage Freshworks products without having to spend a fortune.

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