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Manage leads flawlessly and ramp up conversion rates with our impeccable lead management solutions.

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Making the Sales Process More Productive

Businesses spend a considerable amount of time following up leads and converting them to paying customers. Lead management usually takes a lion’s share from the total time invested by a sales team. With the help of a powerful software application, you can save a substantial time working on multiple tools and documents.

Our lead management solutions not just save your time and efforts but also makes your sales process transparent and tech-enabled. With comprehensive data provided by a lead management solution, your sales team is empowered to perform. We have more than two decades of experience in custom software development. This makes us the perfect development partner for your lead management software.

Revolutionizing Loan Orignination

Key Features of Our LMS Solutions

User Management
Automated Lead Distribution

Automation of the lead management process enables you to distribute leads among members of your sales team based on predefined rules. This dramatically improves productivity and helps you to measure the effectiveness of your strategy.

Form Management
Social Media Integration

You can easily access social media accounts of your leads and prospects and collect relevant information to convert them. Follow your prospects on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and increase the chance of conversions.

Document Repository
In-built Analytics

With built-in analytics and dashboards, you can easily measure the number of leads brought in by your sales team. It also gives an idea of what are the most profitable business channels in terms of ROI.

Advantages of Deploying an LMS Solution

Faster Lead Conversion

A feature-rich LMS solution lets you cut the clutter and rapidly get into the business. By avoiding potential human errors and biases you save a lot of time.

Targeted Prospect Engagement

LMS solutions empower your sales team to act according to the available information. With specific information about every lead, the team can engage them in a very personalized way.

Insightful Business Decisions

Data analytics and dashboards are in-built features of our LMS solutions. These features let you make informed decisions in sales strategy and marketing campaigns.

Why Choose OrangeMantra as Your Solutions Partner


Industry Expertise

Over the years, we’ve developed a deep understanding of industry verticals. This enables us to build custom solutions for every kind of business.


Unmatched Quality

Our unfaltering commitment to delivering impressive quality to every client makes one of the most trusted software vendors.


Effective Communication

Communication with clients is central to our development process. We ensure that clients’ every need is properly understood and delivered.


Software Enthusiasts

With an enthusiastic software development team in place, we’re able to deliver business-specific needs to impeccable precision.


Reliable Support

Once the solution is deployed, we ensure seamless technical support for every need of the client. Be it technical guidance or troubleshooting, we’re always there for you.


Superior Quality

Our quality standards for the design and development processes are in line with the highest quality benchmarks set by the industry leaders. This ensures that every product is built with consistent quality.

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