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Retail Lead Management System

Manage, track, improve, and convert your retail business leads effectively with a technically proficient Lead Management System.

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Drive Sales with Effective Lead Management System

For every big, medium to small-scale business, leads are the whole and sole of the enterprise. Leads are the potential customers who showcase interest in business products/services and need to be converted. There is a major difference between generating and converting possible leads for the business. At this juncture, a technically enabled Lead Management System can help you track, measure, analyze, know the source, and helps you take desired action to witness possible lead conversion.

What is a Retail Lead Management System?

  • A Lead Management Software is a beneficial software solution for retail companies to manage leads, engage with prospective customers, and nurture them to get converted. The software helps to keep a track of all volume of converted and non-converted CRM leads and further provide respective responses to enable conversion.
  • We help you develop a modern-day retail Lead Management System to translate sales and marketing activities into deliverable experiences for customers and build long-lasting relationships with them.
  • No matter, if you follow different ways to stay connected with customers via ads, social media, emails, or cold calls. Effective LMS software helps you create strategies to gain the attention of all different types of customers.

How A Lead Management System Can Empower your Retail and FMCG Business?

Empowers the sales reps to improve their performance and follow-up with the prospects in a timely and effective manner.

Houses the key data that the team needs to track leads and categorize them through various stages of the customer journey.

Enables the identification of lucrative customer segments and distinguish between qualified and unqualified leads.

Facilitates speedy and accurate financial reporting so that the sales team can focus more on the core task of closing deals for the business.

Predictive data analytics help the business formulate strategies and campaigns to prepare for booms or dips in the sales volume.

We at OrangeMantra assist you in efficiently manage the sheer number of retail business leads and get them converted. Our team of experts are proficient to create a feature-rich, robust, and intuitive retail Lead Management System for your enterprise to nurture and manage leads from various sources. With our lead management system software and over the top technical support, you scale up your business high by capturing leads from multiple sources.

Our Comprehensive Retail Lead Management System Software

A lead management system enables the tracking of all the relevant information about your CRM leads. Beyond giving useful information, it also offers a clear picture of where a lead came from along with relevant and actionable insights that the sales team can act on. From speeding up the conversion of leads to cutting down lead leakage to zero, eliminating wastage of time on junk leads, and more, there is much that an LMS can do for your retail business.


Personalize your Outreach

Crack deals faster with a personalized outreach strategy. Get detailed information about the customers and give a personal touch to your follow-ups. With extensive information at your fingertips, nurture cold leads, manage potential prospects, and convert more leads into deals.


Automate Leads Distribution

Automate the distribution of your leads by customizing workflows and assigning leads to the sales team based on the products, locations, and departments. Allocate the leads on the basis of the agent’s availability and streamline the lead flow to ensure that no lead is missed.


Collaborate within your Team

Leverage a powerful mobility ecosystem to make sure that your entire sales team remains accessible and collaborative. The lead management mobile app facilitates easy team participation on the go along with productive work collaboration.


Customer Journey Mapping

Map the entire journey of every customer and pay attention to the potential leads by monitoring every lead closely at each step. Get an overview of meetings to be held within a selected time frame and plan out your meetings with the leads.


Lead Nurturing

Nurture your leads by interacting with them at the right time. Get insights to tag leads as Hot, Warm, or Cold based on the priority, view or edit crucial lead information, and take multiple actions to stay connected with every single lead.

Irresistible Features of Retail LMS

Map the entire lead management process for your retail business, right from capture till conversion!

Lead Capture

Automate the lead capturing process from all the sources and reduce your lead leakage to zero.

Lead Prioritization

Prioritize the leads based on conversion potential route-wise, category-wise, and location-wise.

Lead Distribution

Automatically assign leads to the relevant members of the sales people based on rules you set.

Email Integration

Sync your email inbox with the lead management system for capturing the conversations with prospects.

Sales Alerts

Set notifications to send across alerts to the salespeople when their leads perform an important action.

Sales Tracking

Track the performance of your salespeople and the revenues they generate for your business.

Pipeline Management

Managing the sales pipeline and boost conversions by segregating the leads such as Hot, Warm, and Cold.

Territory Management

Accelerate the lead management process by automatically re-routing the leads to the right territory.

Mobile App

Simple and easy-to-use mobile app for running the entire field sales operations smoothly.

Reports and Dashboards

Interactive reports and dashboards which provide reliable and accurate task and activity reporting.

Accurate Forecasting

Accurate Artificial Intelligence-based forecasts that fulfil all the needs of your business.

Account and Contact Management

A comprehensive view of customer account interactions, activity history, key contacts, and communications.

Tracking & Managing with Retail Lead Management System

  • One-stop display of lead and task history/li>
  • Fully integrated with the sales workflow
  • Add stages and due dates for each of the tasks
  • Real-time reporting of actions of every lead
  • Maintain a large database of the complete sales funnel
  • Regular follow-ups with intelligent notifications and alerts

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For businesses and companies with large sales territories, a lead management system helps to create an organized flow of leads to the sales team. These leads could be categorized either geographically or chronologically or by product line. An LMS solution hence your sales team’s productivity and increases conversions.

Capture Every Lead & Utilize Every Retail Opportunity with Lead Management System