Legacy Application Modernization

Choose next-gen application modernization services to you upgrade your legacy applications to a modern cloud-based applications.

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Our Wide Range of Legacy Application Modernization Services

Data Mining

Extracts application requirements from business goals and future objectives. Next recasts those in natural or formal language for further analysis or forward engineering making entire process streamlined.

Modernization Consulting

We thoroughly analyze your legacy application code and architecture, study requirements and provide proper guidance on the improvements that helps to derive maximum value from previous investments.


We revamp your existing applications developed on the outdated languages and platforms like PowerBuilder, C++, COBOL, or aging technologies with the use of most advanced programming languages, and frameworks.

Migration Services

Migrates your outdated applications to a standards-based environment while lowering disruption to the business with the use of re-hosting, refactoring, digital decoupling, and containerization techniques.

Application Development

It begins with just an idea. Our designers work to transform your concept to production. We follow agile development to design best application and deliver an application that makes use of APIs.

Legacy Application
Maintenance & Support

We promptly resolve all your legacy application queries and issues and help you eliminate server downtime and data losses. Real-time management of application is crucial to stay competitive overall.

Benefits of Legacy System Modernization

Operational Efficiency
Operational Efficiency
Modernized IT systems deliver improved performance, faster time-to-market and enhanced personalized experiences for both internal and external customers.
Lower Costs
Lower Costs
Decommission of big applications, data center space and physical servers lowers software, hardware, and licensing costs.
Business Agility
Business Agility
With modernized approach, it becomes simple to tweak your environment to react faster to seasonal fluctuations, leverage data across the organization, to beat your competitors.
One of the key benefits of legacy infrastructure modernization is the presence of security updates against a regularly transforming threat landscape.
With modernized applications, it’s possible to keep up with customer demands and bring innovative products and services to the market before your competition.

Software-Driven Our Success Stories

Some of our clients

  • Panasonic
  • SKF
  • Jk Cement
  • Relaxo
  • PVR
  • Hero
  • Ikea
  • Pernod Ricard
  • And
  • Decathlon

OrangeMantra Process to Legacy Application Modernization

Our application modernization transform business due to our tested, proven process to modernization. We ensure there is no downtime and all your operations run as desired.

Assess & Prioritize

Assess & Prioritize

We assess your legacy applications to analyze its value to business and their outdated technologies over time. We later prioritize them as per the highest value and lowest debts. This leads to realizing outcomes and hence ROIs at faster rate.

Begin Small

Begin Small

Most modernization projects have their own set of unique technological, cultural, or operational challenges. By starting small, we learn the limitations of the project and quickly implement solutions. This helps to deliver measurable success.

Break Down into Micro-services

Break Down into Micro-services

At OrangeMantra, we create solutions in such a way that the boundaries of micro-services are defined within the large system. We later test, build, observe, and break the system within the well-defined micro-services.


App modernization services stand for updating outdated software systems by rewriting their functionality using latest programming languages, frameworks, as well as architectures. Besides that, modernization can be implemented to the UI/UX part as well.
Application modernization can unlock new business opportunities, reduce operational costs, increase business agility, provides scaling capabilities and top-notch security.
Yes! When you reach us for application modernization process, we sign a strict NDA and other legal documents for data security.
Yes! In fact, we provide timely reports related to it. We do application modernization on our development server and provide you all credentials so that you can monitor the progress of your app.
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