Orange Mantra specializes in Magento designing, customization, website maintenance, SEO, extension and plug-ins development, store customization, form integration and other Magento requirements. Our team of developers renders truly innovative and attention grabbing Magento e-commerce sites, which has several features which provide security, flexibility and enhanced functionality to our clients’ website.

We pay attention not only to the backend programming of the website, but also to the frontend features. We believe in increasing the customer loyalty and establishing a brand awareness for all our clients.




We build websites with high levels of flexibility for our clients. The admins can easily change the layout of the site, add new products and make additional changes to the website in a few simple steps as opposed to making changing in the different layers of the source code of the website.



We develop websites for anyone who is looking for one. The websites built by us do not face any scalability issues as compared to many other businesses. The websites are designed in a manner to cater to different levels of traffic and products.


Providing a better experience to the customers

With the simple and intuitive design of the website, the customers can easily navigate the website without any setbacks.


Quick analysis and reports

We can provide a 360o view of the business and can keep track of the products and can keep maintain the data at all stages of the order fulfilment.


Easy migration and integration

Magento can easily be integrated with SAP, ERP, CRM etc. to successfully eliminate all the data inconsistencies and promote smooth and increased sales by providing bi-directional synchronization and increasing the internal efficiency.

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