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With over one billion devices activated, Android is an exciting space to make apps to help you communicate, organize, educate, entertain or anything else you’ re passionate about.

It’s the largest installed base of any mobile platform and growing fast – every day another million users power up their Android devices for the first time and start looking for apps, games, and other digital content. Android gives you a world-class platform for creating apps and games for Android users everywhere, as well as an open marketplace for distributing to them instantly. This workshop Powered by orangemantra is focused to give the overview of Android and explore its building blocks.

Learn to develop applications in the latest operating system with practical implementation and begin managing your own cool applications like a professional at this workshop. Attendees will be provided with instructions to build and manage new cool applications. What’s more, you can even sell out these applications and earn good money!!

Benefits to the Participants:

  • Two days complete hands-on practical workshop on Android Applications Development.
  • Android studio open source software will be provided.
  • Live Demos, Interactive Question & Answer sessions and comprehensive material along with guidance provided for advance level applications/projects.
  • Receive an unparalleled education on the art of building apps with personal one-on-one attention.

Why learn Android:

It doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to Android, we’ll work through modules throughout the day, each with a completed project for you to open and work from. If that’ s not enough, here are a few more reasons to learn Android:

  • You’ ll be plugged into the open source platform with the largest market share of smartdevices worldwide.
  • Android’ s policies on device provisioning and app submission are more open thanApple’ s, meaning that once you complete your first app – as you’ ll do in this tutorial – you and your friends can enjoy it on your devices right away!
  • There are so many smartphones, tablets, glasses, and watches out there, coming fromso many manufacturers, and they’ re all trying to jump into the game. You don’ t have tobe any sort of market analyst to know that there are a few important platforms andAndroid is one of them.

Day to know this Amazing World The building blocks

Introduction to Android:

What is Android Technology?

  • Open Source? / Operating System? /Development Platform? / Hardware?
  • Versions of AndroidDiscussion on versions right from the first one termed as Android Beta to the latest version codenamed Marshmallow. (6.0)
  • History of Android
  • Development Concepts
android training

OHA (Open Handset Alliance)

  • Open Handset Alliance : 84 corporate Giants work for Android Development
  • How an Android application and device comes into the market?
  • Selling an App on an individual or organizational level

Architecture of Android:

  • Basics of the Android Operating system to understand the relation and workingof an application with the compatibility of hardware
  • Linux Kernel
  • Virtual Machine – Porting Platform of an App
  • “Dalvik Virtual Machine” vs “Java Virtual Machine”
  • System Layers

Introduction to Android Application Development:

Installation & Deployment

Making your system ready to start developing apps is not a hard nut to crack with us, You don’ t need:

  • Internet connection to download the updates of the software
  • To disable / un-install any of your anti-virus system
  • To worry about the operating system you need, be it a Windows, Linux or Mac orany operating system available on the planet.

All you need is to use our “Android Application Development Toolkit ” specially designed by orangemantra’ R&D team.

Creating development environment in your PC

  • Android Development Toolkit (ADT)
  • Android SDK
  • Downloading
  • Installation
  • Updating

IDE (Auto Code Generator Tool)

  • What is IDE?
  • Concept &emp; Benefits of Eclipse IDE
  • Using Eclipse as Android App Development Tool
  • How to work on android studio

Java Development KIT (JDK)

  • What is JDK?
  • Why JDK?

Android Virtual Device (Emulator)

  • Debugging Concepts
  • Without tools
  • Simulator
  • Using Android Virtual Device
  • Usage
  • Pros &emp; Cons of Android Virtual Device

Practical Hands-On Basic Building Blocks of an Android Application

This session is specially designed by the qualified trainers in order to let the trainees grab the knowledge as well as the live visibility of their codes running which they were not even aware of. Special techniques which will help them create and to innovate the new apps with the advent of their own creativity.

Structure of an application

  • Constituents of app when we start thedevelopment
  • Predefined folders and files in an app project
  • Executable file of an Android app
  • Understanding ‘AndroidManifest.xml’ File
  • Concepts of Layout for User Interface

Components of an application

  • Difference between Apps, Widgets &emp; Services
  • Activities – Base of an application
  • Services
  • Content Providers
  • Broadcast receivers
  • Intents
  • Android-Manifest
  • Application Resources

Working with Activities and Intents:

  • Creating an Activity
  • MVC framework
  • Creating ‘Model’ (main source code)
  • Making ‘View’ (Visual Appearance)
  • Controlling by ‘Controller’
  • Final Activity
  • Activity Stack
  • Concept of Fragment and Task
  • Intents Concepts
  • Declaring the Intent
  • Launching an Activity
  • Switching between Activities
  • Intent Filters
  • Handling Rotation
  • Other use of Intents
  • Handling Activity Lifecycle events

Understanding the Aftermath:

Let’ s test what we have learnt for the day

  • What components of an app which can be customized?
  • What are the codes which we have to remember in our mind?
  • How using IDE is different from the command line development?
  • Do I have to learn Java first to start off the Android app development?

Fire up the codes

Making Interactive User Interface

Using Common Components

  • Button, Labels, Text Boxes
  • Radio button, Radio Group, Checkbox
  • Slider, Progress Bar, Rating Bar

Advanced Components

  • Date/ Time Picker, Image, Video
  • Menus, Zoom in-out

The Eye Candy

  • Toast, Alert Messages
  • Notification
  • Applying Style & Themes

Application Resources(System Apps)

  • Types – like image, color list, Animations
  • Providing resources
  • Accessing Resources

Different Types of Layouts

  • Linear Layout : Horizontal/ Vertical
  • Relative Layout, Table Layout
  • Views : List, Grid, Scroll

Employing Phone Features in your Apps

  • Content Providers
  • Search over Internet &emp; internal device search
  • Embedding the WebKit Browser
  • Loading it up
  • NavigationSetting, Preferences &emp; Options
  • Using service providers in the apps
  • Making Calls(Audio / Video)
  • Answering / Decline calls
  • Sending SMS / Reading SMS
  • Communicating through e-mail

Getting into Serious Business

  • Getting User Location (GPS)
  • Creating Google Map Applications

Search yourself or your friends on the go!

  • Mapping with MapView and MapActivity
  • Playing with Multimedia
  • Listening Mp3(Audio)
  • Opening Video files
  • Recording Audio
  • Browsing Images(Gallery)
  • Capturing with Camera
  • Data store
  • Setting Preferences
  • Accessing the Files
  • Internal Storage (Phone Memory)
  • External (SD Card)

Advance operations

  • Communication through Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
  • Sending Signal/Data/Text via Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth/Wi-Fi used in gaming
  • SQLite Database: Connection, Data Storage and Querying
  • Accelerometer Concept
  • Getting input from Accelerometer

Google Play

Followed by the above sessions, the aspirants will be given information about:

  • Signing and Publishing applications to the Google Play [formerly known asAndroid Market]
  • How to be Google Authorized Android Developer
  • On Demand Apps Development

Project Discussion on Android

Deliverables to the Participants:

  • The Participants will be certified as “Certified Android Application Development Expert v1.0 ” by orangemantra.
  • Complimentary “Android Application Development Toolkit ” for each participant
  • Project assistance and e-mail support after the workshop

Note:- The number of day’s could be extended further subject to availability