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Keep Record of Every Single Dollar with Finance Dashboards

Using a finance dashboard is a great way to make informed financial decisions based on clear, accurate, and real-time stats. With our finance dashboard solutions, the data that matters to your business is just a click away, with real-time rendering. Our dashboards give you the freedom to customize it to gain a complete picture of your organization, to improve financial reporting, ensure transparency, and accelerate profitability. It helps you to aggregate all of your financial data from multiple sources and departments in one centralized place that allows you to have a common view of the data, complete with interactive visual elements like graphs, charts, and drill-downs to work with.

Finance dashboards provide a big picture of your performance based on the key metrics to investors, compliance officers, and other personnel who need to be informed. Owing to the fact that an organization is dependent on multiple data sources for making accurate forecasts and informed decisions, our custom finance dashboard solutions can help you combine the data into a detailed and automated financial report. We, at Orange Mantra, go the extra mile to build interactive, real-time, and specialized finance dashboards to help you monitor all your operations at every level of your organization in real-time.

Why Finance dashboard Matters for Your Organization

Whether you’re working at a large corporation, small business, or non-profit organization, as a member of your AP team, you need to produce quarterly or annual reports. However, these reports should not only be standard but also for senior management. This is where finance dashboards prompt in. Finance dashboards give an illustrative data visualization that displays the key financial metrics. The graphical representation of data opens the door for a more collaborative environment in which authorized personnel can access and share easy-to-interpret data at a commonplace efficiently

Get the real story

Comprehensive financial data visualization can speak 1000 words about your business’ success. Finance dashboards can help you visualize numbers to take appropriate actions to increase productivity. The graphical representation of data can bring up questions like “Why did we generate less revenue against the target goals?” and initiate discussions.

Get a common view

A dashboard ensures shared financial understanding and engagement. It gives a common view to every team member, helping finance amateurs to gain a better understanding of financial terms and deliver improved financial reporting. Finance dashboards also draw the attention of the board members and finance personnel to the level of information that they need to be familiar with.

Define measures of the company’s success

Dashboards enable business leaders to define key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics that measure their success. Using a dashboard helps you pay attention to your firm’s priorities and measures of success and make informed decisions. Working with an all-inclusive and thoughtfully-designed finance dashboard helps you ensure that everyone is aware of the current priorities and key metrics.

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Top Financial KPIs and Metrics to Include in Your Finance dashboard

Gross Profit Margin
What’s the amount of money you have left over from product sales after COGS?
Operating Profit Margin
What is the current status of your EBIT development over time?
Operating Expense Ratio
How are you going to optimize your operating costs effectively?
Net Profit Margin
How well are you able to increase your company’s net profit?
Working Capital
How is your company’s financial health – stable or unstable?
Current Ratio
Can you manage to pay off your short-term liabilities and debts?
Quick Ratio/Acid Test
How stable is your company’s liquidity health?
Cash Conversion Cycle
How effective and efficient are you in turning your resources into cash?
Accounts Payable Turnover
Are you paying off accounts payable in a timely manner?
Vendor Payment Error Rate
How efficiently and productively are you able to process your invoices?
Budget Variance
Is your budget variance favorable, realistic, and accurate?
Return on Equity
How profitable your company is in relation to the shareholders’ equity?

Create Specialized Finance dashboards for Different Use Cases

Cramming too many financial KPIs into one dashboard can bring no good to your organization. Creating specialized finance dashboards is the best practice to focus on specific area analysis which helps in staying organized and gain actionable insights.

At Orange Mantra, we have custom dashboard solutions for every requirement. Whether you need to create dashboards for analyzing profit and loss, profit margin, financial performance, accounts receivable and payable, and cash management, our bespoke finance dashboards can perfectly fit your business requirements and goals.

Profit and Loss Dashboard

Dashboard creation should involve an active participation of executives who understand business challenges and has the authority to implement things. This will help them to focus throughout the project development without losing interest. Their enthusiasm can prevent your dashboard from fading into irrelevance.A profit and loss dashboard displays a summary of revenue generated, business’ expenses, and cost acquired over a course of a financial year. P&L dashboards resemble bank statements that help finance personnel to find new ways to minimize unnecessary business spends and raise the bottom line. The top key performance indicators (KPIs) of a P&L dashboard include gross profit margin, net profit margin, operating profit margin, operating expense ratios, and more.

Cash Management Dashboard

A cash management dashboard is the best practice to monitor the cash flow to improve the financial health of your company. It helps you determine whether your company will be able to pay short-term obligations. The two primary metrics for a cash management dashboard are the Current Ratio and the Quick Ratio. For both the ratios, you need to ensure that the ratio is always higher than 1:1 so that you are able to pay off your liabilities and debts in a timely manner. By analyzing your forecasts and your realistic results on the dashboard, you can easily spot areas that require improvisations.

CFO Scorecard

A thoughtful CFO scorecard or profit margin analysis combines financial data from all your data sources and creates a simple, centralized, and streamlined place to manage budgets and see income statements of your company. It also incorporates information on cash flow and the detailed value of specific assets. A CFO scorecard is exclusively designed to efficiently manage your company’s assets, liabilities, debts, cash flow, and income statement against your predictions. With this dashboard, you can also view the maturity of AR and AP by region depending on varied time periods like week-to-date (WTD) and year-to-date (YTD).

Financial Performance Dashboard

Financial performance dashboards are designed to give a big picture of how you should spend your revenue. It displays primary metrics such as Return on Assets (ROA), Working Capital Ratio (WCR), Return on Equity (ROE), and Debt-Equity Ratio (DER) that influence your company’s overall financial stability and balance. Including these four metrics in your dashboard can help you gain valuable insights into revenue liability and invest opportunities to ensure your company’s success.

Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable Dashboard

AR and AP dashboards help you enumerate and understand your current accounts receivable and payable situations. Two important metrics to measure where your business stands include Accounts Payable Turnover Ratio and Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio. These two metrics indicate how many times your company can pay its balances over a year or timeframe and how effective your business is in extending credit, and collecting payment over a course of an year or specific period.

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We understand that security is very crucial to the financial industry and therefore, we are completely GDPR-ready and PCI-compliant as we connect to your data using a simple and secure API.
Our dashboard allows you to assign access rights to the intended users and control what they can view, edit or share.
Yes, it does. Using our dashboard, you can easily trace the activities of your finance personnel in the dashboard.
The more, the merrier. Regardless of how large or small your data set is, comprehensive data analytics models can be built over it. The more data you feed, the more accurate will be the predictions.
Yes, we do. We have an expert in-house team of trainers and support analysts to help you with everything, from setup to resolving issues to BI consulting.
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