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Interactive Sales Performance Dashboards to Track Your Sales Growth

Using interactive and real-time sales performance dashboards is essential to monitor how your organization is performing across all key sales performance indicators that are valuable to your organization and your sales team. Whether you need to track your new sales opportunities, top sales rep performance, sales goals, deal pipelines, win & loss reports, and other aspects of your sales management, sales performance dashboard can help manage your team efficiently. Also, by displaying the sales dashboard on a big screen can help you motivate and encourage your sales team.

Creating sales reports shouldn’t be a daunting a task for your sales team. Using a visually-comprehensive sales performance dashboard simplifies the reporting process and delivers an amazing user experience.

With our custom, real-time sales performance dashboards, you’ll have detailed and real-time data and metrics to track the performance of your sales team. We shift your manual reporting to automated reporting that delivers accurate measurements of all aspects of your business, thus helping you to track and monitor your sales performance in real-time with our effective dashboard. You can easily share your dashboard with your team, advisors, or senior management or clients to demonstrate how your business is performing, while saving time and making your job effortless.

With seamless integrations of custom widgets such as those in excel sheets, database, our open API, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Xero, Quickbooks, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, we give you user-friendly, real-time dashboards for social media, clients, digital marketing, executives, finance, SEO, project management, IT, startups, enterprises and more, making Orange Mantra the one-stop destination for building the best-fit dashboards for every use case and organization’s analytics.

Let’s dig deeper to learn what a sales performance dashboard has in store for you.

What is a Sales Performance Dashboard?

A sales performance dashboard is a tool that enables your sales executives, sales managers as well as clients to effectively monitor data sources from a centralized place while helping teams to achieve sales goals through a detailed analysis of sales performance, KPIs, sales funnels, and cycle lengths.

Why is the Purpose a Real-time Sales Performance Dashboard?

Sales reporting is one of the crucial tasks of any organization or sales team. It also helps build trust and healthy relationships with your clients by keeping them informed about the progress of your work and critical revenue targets. A sales performance dashboard also helps to measure key metrics, identify KPIs, bring your data together, and use it effectively to guide your team to a higher level of performance.

Why Should You Use a Sales Performance Dashboard?

Most specifically, using a sales performance dashboard will help you enjoy 10 benefits as follows:.

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  • Saves time
  • Hassle-free reporting
  • Better visibility and control
  • Better outcomes
  • Optimize sales activities
  • Effective forecasting
  • Performance management
  • Inventory management
  • Increased productivity and profits

Key Things to Consider Before You Create a Sales Dashboard

Building a sales performance dashboard requires vision and need. Here are a few considerations that you need to take seriously before you start building a sales performance dashboard for your team.

  • What’s the main objective of your dashboard
  • Who will view the dashboard and how often it will be looked at
  • What it looks like
  • How much data should you include
  • The time period
  • What types of chart(s) you want to include
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How to Build an Effective Sales Performance Dashboard?

The main objective of the sales performance dashboard is to bring data from multiple sources together and provide a visual representation of that data to the sales team. If you’re planning to create a sales performance dashboard, here is a to-do list to create a highly-effective sales dashboard for your organization.

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  • Identify the KPIs and sales metrics that you to monitor
  • Identify where the data is stored (Google Sheets, CRM, Excel)
  • How do you want to view the dashboard? (Mobile or TV dashboard)
  • Find a dashboard software vendor who will create a dashboard based on your requirements
  • Extract data from all your data services and move it into the dashboard
  • Design and create graphical representations for your dashboard.
  • Adopt it in your organization and encourage your team to use it efficiently.

Need to Monitor Your Sales Performance? Start Building a Real-time Sales Performance Dashboard for Your Team.

What are the Best Sales KPIs?

Sales KPIs are the holy grails of performance measures. They are mysterious, difficult to identify, and yet these are the true gems that will help you achieve your sales quota.

Unique Visitors
Unique Visitors
This KPI indicates the number of unique users who interacted with your website in a given time period.
Sales Conversion Rate
Sales Conversion Rate
The sales conversion rate helps you determine how effectively your sales team is able to manage to convert leads into sales or new customers.
Number of New Customers
Number of New Customers
This KPI indicates how many new customers your website has gained in a specific period of time.
Win Rate
Win Rate
The win rate helps you determine the total percentage of total number of sales opportunities that converted into a sale.

What are the Top Sales Metrics for Your Business?

By leveraging the right set of sales data metrics, you and your clients can gain detailed insights and apply it into your sales activities to improve your sales operations. It can also help you optimize your sales pipeline activities effectively.

Google Analytics Goal Achievements

This sales metric will help you identify how many of your website visitors completed a defined action on your website such as making a purchase or downloading a PDF.

Google Ads Total Conversions

This helps you calculate the percentage of people who visited your website by seeing your Google Ad and completed a desired action like placing an order.

Google Analytics Conversion Rate

Using this metric, you will be able to calculate the percentage of visitors who completed a desired action across your sales goals. (Number of conversions divided by the number of visitors multiplied by 100)

Google Analytics Sessions

This will help you track the number of sessions that existed on your website over a given time period.

Get a Complete Overview of Your Sales KPIs and Metrics in Your Sales Performance Dashboards.

Platforms to Include in Your Sales Performance Dashboards

Besides only sales integration, you’ll definitely want to integrate all of the marketing platforms that you’re using. This seamless integration of platforms will help you see how your marketing efforts are affecting your sales team and how sales metrics are affecting the performance of your sales funnel.

Google Analytics

Facebook Insights

Facebook Business Manager

Instagram Ads

LinkedIn Ads


Google My Business




DoubleClick Manager


Campaign Monitor

Perfect Audience




Google Ad

Facebook Ads



LinkedIn Pages


Google Search Console



Bing Ads


DoubleClick Search




Form Stack



Have a Look at Our Sales Performance Dashboard

Samples and Templates

At Orange Mantra, we create effective sales performance dashboards that enable our clients to track sales data points throughout the sales cycle. We provide sales performance dashboards preloaded with the best KPIs, high-end features, incredible reporting capability, and automated data pulling. You can even select from various types of charts to provide your sales team with a graphical representation of data.

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White Label Marketing Dashboard

Make our sales performance dashboard you own by simply white-labeling the product to provide a great brand experience. Customize it completely by adding your branding elements to make it perfect for your brand.

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Customize URL

You can easily replace the current URL with your brand URL.

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Customize Designs

Choose from various easy-to-customize options such as colors, fonts so your sales dashboard matches your brand’s signature color.

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White Label Bundle

Save money with our white label bundle that comes with a custom URL and a custom design.

We Offer The Right Dashboards For Every Use Case

We offer a wide array of dashboards for businesses ranging from start-ups to well-established companies. Make your digital marketing reporting a zero-hassle job with our dashboard solutions.

Executive Dashboard

Executive Dashboard

We create an interactive executive dashboard to give the senior management an at-a-glance visibility into the business performance across all departments and projects.

Digital Marketing Dashboard

Digital Marketing Dashboard

Bring all your digital marketing data and insights together at one centralized dashboard and monitor the digital marketing performance

Social Media Dashboard

Social Media Dashboard

Monitor your social media marketing efforts across all of the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter from a single dashboard.

Take Advantage of Machine-learning Enhanced Insights

Machine learning can help you turn your scattered data into useful information for your business. It helps you identify patterns, customer behavior, and uncover hidden information in the data. Machine learning-based insights can help you find unique ways to identify customer cohorts and reduce the risks of customer churn. With our machine learning-driven solutions, your sales team can enable machine learning processes directly through a real-time interactive dashboard that perfectly combines human-designed graphical representations and machine-driven outputs.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Key Performance Indicator for sales is a measurable value that evaluates and demonstrates how effectively an organization is achieving its business goals.
Depending on the size and type of your business, the average cost of building a sales performance dashboard may range from $109 per month to $499 per month.
Yes. You can include data from any source in the same dashboard. Whether you need to aggregate data from 3 of your client’s Google Analytics profiles or 4 Facebook pages, you’ll face no problem at all.
Not to worry! If you need more dashboards, we can create custom plans for you.
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