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In today’ s age of over-information, there is an unprecedented volume and variety of data coming into organizations at an ever increasing speed. There is an urgent need for this deluge of valuable data to be quickly analyzed and acted on to take the business critical decisions that are both timely and effective. This is where business intelligence products like hadoop, Cassandra and MongoDB play a vital role. They help businesses make an intelligent and complete analysis to derive the maximum benefit from you databases.

Orange Mantra Service Offerings and Benefits

With us by your side, you won’ t have to worry about tackling the most challenging and difficult business data analysis. We have an exciting range of solutions, latest technologies and a committed team of analytics experts to suit all our customers across a wide range of industries that include:


  • An open-source software framework that allows for storage and large-scale processing of databases
  • Has capabilities for reliable, scalable and distributed computing
  • a highly scalable storage platform with capability oh handling thousands of terabytes of data
  • Much more cost-effective as compared to traditional options
  • Highly flexible and enables easy access of data from various data sources
  • Unique distributed file system enables much faster data processing
  • Secure and resilient to failure with backup feature


  • Elastic scalability to accommodate more customers and more data
  • High availability with uncompromised performance
  • Always on architecture resulting in continuous availability for business-critical applications
  • Fast linear-scale performance to deliver faster response time
  • Flexible data storage to accommodate full range of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data
  • Maximum flexibility through easy data distribution
  • Operational simplicity with no complex configuration to be managed


A cross-platform document-oriented database that provides high performance, high availability, and easy scalability

  • Document Database compatible with programming language data types
  • Advanced Operations capability with MongoDB Management Service (MMS)

Big Data Analytics Solutions

  • Uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful information to make better business decisions