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iPhone, known for simplicity, beauty, and userinterface is designed to be easy. It works on the most advanced mobile operating system- iOS, and has become the standard of the business today. The business sector stands on the cutting edge applications and iPhone substantially provides an app for every business task at their fingertips.
The iPhone apps facilitates one to communicate, organize, educate, entertain and the sky is the limit from there. Henceforth, the iPhone world has witnessed thousands of downloads every next hour and has pulled in more app developers to explore the field in detail.

We, at Orange Mantra extend our Corporate Training in iPhone applications development by focusing on practical implementation of the technique to the corporates in such a way that whosoever attend the workshop would be able to build and manage new application. Moreover, one might offer their newly developed application over the App store.

Benefits to the Participants:

  • Two days complete hands-on practical workshop on iPhone Applications Development.
  • Live Demos, Interactive Question & Answer sessions and comprehensive
  • Material along with guidance provided for advance level applications/projects.
  • Receive an unparalleled education on the art of building apps with personal one-on-one attention

Why learn iPhone Application Development ?

Learning iPhone Application Development has derived attention of several app developers today. A few of the advantages to learn make apps are:

  • Make more money comparatively
  • Utilization of less resources
  • Develop great and quick responding apps
  • Easy to test the applications owing to the popularity of iPhone usage
  • And more

What to Expect in these two days?

The corporates will get acquainted with knowledge of how to make an iPhone app. A few highlights of the course are:

  • Setting up the Application Environment
  • Planning an Application
  • Creating an Application
  • Testing an Application
  • Release of the Application

A. Introduction to iPhone Application Development

  • iPhone and its Features
  • Versions of iPhone
  • History of Apple Inc.,
  • What is an iPhone App?
  • iPhone App Development Concepts

B. About iOS App Architecture:

The newly built Apps must work with the iOS and deliver a great user experience.
The iOS apps need to be fast and responsive with a good design and user interface, support all the latest iOS devices.

  • Understanding the Interaction between the system and your App:
  • Supports key features
  • Adheres to Defined Execution Paths
  • Efficient running in a multi-task environment
  • Specific pathways followed for communication between apps
  • Performance Tuning

C. Setting up the Application Environment

  • Downloading and Installation of latest Xcode
  • Basic Understanding of Objective-C & Swift
  • Introduction of popular Free lancing services for outsourcing development
  • Creation of Ad-Hoc certificate on the OS Dev Center site,
  • Download of some test Apps

Planning An Application

  • Crystal clear definition of the concept with a design document outlining the:
  • Functionality of the app
  • User interface sketches
  • Flow between the screens, and
  • A basic idea of the systems to be implemented ?
  • Necessity of the application
  • Targeted Audience
  • Content and UI Design

Day 2: Creating An Application

  • Creation of a new project in X-code
  • Develop the flow of the Application
  • Assigning the Storyboard/XIV file [used for both the Swift and Objective-C] to the project
  • Adding of 1st screen using view controller
  • Adding interface objects to the 1st screen
  • Customization of the Object
  • Adding more screens and navigation bar
  • Adding functionality to the navigation bar
  • Adding data handling capabilities
  • Linking New buttons to the entry screen

Testing An Application

  • Starting the iOS simulator
  • Building the Application
  • Testing of the Application
  • Debugging of the Application
  • Check Memory Usage
  • Cross-test the developed app

Release of the Application

  • Optimization for iOS 8 and Retina Display
  • Access iTunes Connect Dashboard
  • Entry of the developed Application
  • Upload of the Application
  • Submission of Application for Review process
  • Promotion of your new brand Application
  • Download of iTunes Connect Mobile App to check sales and markets

Deliverables to the Participants:

  • The Participants will be certified as “Certified iPhone Application Development Expert ” by Orange Mantra.
  • Project Assistance and e-mail support after the workshop