Load Testing Services

The loading time of a website plays a noteworthy role to behold the visitors, imminent clients and connect with them effectively in order to transform them as the regular clients. We, the Orange Mantra team guarantee the speed, versatility, stability, and certainty of the application for the user. We take utmost care to see that the website gets loaded within an appreciable time to engage the user.

Our load testers check and screen the fundamental parameters, for example, transmission capacity, memory pages per second, hits per second, hit proportions, memory usage, thread counts, garbage collection, dynamic sessions, and, more. Moreover, we determine the system’ s behavior under both normal and anticipated peak load conditions using various automated tools.

Benefits of Load Testing Services offered at Orange Mantra

  • Identification of appropriate tools for the project
  • Performance testing of an application with an open source tool, jMeter.
  • Perform test with a futuristic mindset like anticipating probable load.
  • Load testing under abnormal, stress or peak factors.
  • Check reliability and load sustainability.
  • Simultaneous use of tools, native, and third party profilers to monitor performance.
  • Analyse performance and generate reports using third party tools.

We form the differentiators. Our specialities include

  • Seasoned performance testers
  • Years of experience in testing
  • Simulate real time traffic in each step
  • Quality testing at minimal cost

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