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Swift App Development

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Swift App Development Services for Best-in-class iOS Apps

Swift is an intuitive and powerful coding language for iOS app development. Created by Apple, the language enables developers to build apps for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and more. Swift is designed to build fast and safe apps. It uses a clean syntax and eliminates all unsafe codes to make your app safe and flawless.

OrangeMantra’s iOS app development expertise is founded on years of diverse experience. We have a team of top mobile app designers, developers, and tech specialists to build the most suitable app for you. Let us analyze your requirements and build an app that stands out.

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Advantages of Developing Swift Apps for iOS

Swift is open-source and cross-platform. It enables iOS app developers to customize the app’s code according to your unique needs. Mobile apps written in Swift run lightning fast. Also, Swift apps are easy to maintain and scale-up. Swift uses high-performance LLMV compiler technology to optimize native code.

Uniquely modern

Swift is based on cutting-edge research on programming languages. It uses a clean syntax than allows developers to develop and maintain APIs easily.

Open-source & customizable

The app development framework offers source code, a bug tracker, and regular builds, among other things. All available to developers for free.

Designed for the safe coding

Swift efficiently eliminates entire classes of unsafe code. Besides, the Swift compiler stops the developers from trying to create or use a nil object.

Fast & powerful

The programming language is designed to be Swift. It uses high-performance LLMV compiler technology to optimize code.

Cross-platform apps

Apps built on the Swift platform run seamlessly across all Apple devices and operating systems. Swift apps are also compatible with Linux.

Interoperability with Objective-C

Developers can create new applications with Swift and later use Swift code to implement new features and functionality in the app.

Our iOS App Development Portfolio

    Our iOS app development experience spans across industry verticals and business types. We use the top and most advanced tools and technologies to build powerful apps for businesses and organizations. Whether you run a small business or a big company, we are here to fulfill your app requirements.

What Clients Say


Swift is an intuitive programming language developed by Apple. It’s a powerful and modern coding platform for macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and beyond. Swift is highly expressive and easy to learn.
The development cost for an iOS app depends on what kind of app you’re planning to build. Apps with basic features and less functionality cost less than the ones with advanced features. We offer competitive pricing for iOS app development.
Several factors influence the build time of an iOS app. The most important ones are the kind of app you want and the technology you want to choose. At OrangeMantra, we follow a predefined iOS app development process and deliver every app within the estimated time.