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UI/UX Design

Get ready to absorb the new information, prepare to learn the trend in techniques in these five days. Design must be a perfect blend of aestheticity and technology in order to deliver a better user experience. The five days of brainstorming sessions would simply make you enjoy this inseparable connectivity and pave the way for new outlooks and an in-depth design strategy.


  • Basic/Entry-level recommended courses
  • Knowledge of web languages like HTML, CSS, and, etc.
  • Photoshop/Illustrator experience for UI Designing
  • Minimum one year experience in the field

Benefits of this Training Programme:

  • Change the users’ decision-making with your Design
  • Proactively making a design choice from user perspective
  • Explore Interesting UX patterns
  • Improve user experience
  • Combining UX design and User behaviour

What to expect in these five days of Brainstorming Sessions?

  • In-depth sessions of UI/UX
  • New and Perfect outlook of Design Approach
  • Better Research and Understanding of the user
  • Exposure to the Challenges and interests of a designer

Method of Instruction:

It is a completely customized workshop program designed for a progressive approach in the UI/UX design field which encourage the participants to script their ideas, creativity, and knowledge.


User Interface

  • Fundamentals and Principles of UI
  • Difference Between UI &emp; UX
  • Master the newest program for graphic designers, Sketch 3

User Interface Continued

  • Create mobile app/web designs from scratch
  • Approach app/web design with UI consideration
  • Best practices for UI research
  • Create custom icon packs

User Experience

  • Importance of User Experience Design
  • Understand the elements of user experience
  • Understand how the elements of user experience work together
  • Understand strategy as an element of user experience

User Experience Continued

  • Understand the research process
  • Identify business goals, and user needs
  • Understand scope as an element of user experience
  • Create a functional specification

User Experience Continued

  • How to develop content
  • Prioritize specifications and requirements
  • Structure as an element of User Experience
  • Architect information effectively

User Experience Continued

  • Understand organizing principals for digital media
  • Understand skeleton as an element of user experience
  • Understand navigation design

User Experience Continued

  • Create an effective information design
  • Learn to create wireframes
  • Understand surface as an element of user experience

User Experience Continued

  • Learn visual design principals
  • Understand contrast and uniformity
  • Learn the best use of color and typography
  • Understand A/B testing processes
  • Learn resources available to assist with User Experience Design Process

User Experience Continued

  • Summary of the Sessions
  • Understanding the Aftermath
  • FAQs
  • Q&A Sessions

Deliverables to the Participants:

The Participants will be receiving ‘Certificate of Completion’ from Orange Mantra
Project assistance and e-mail support after the workshop